April 2, 2020

A Different Look For The Pokémon Go Series

Niantic Labs, the developer of Pokémon Go series, can also be credited to the development of another augmented reality game called Ingress during 2012. Ingress was released on the Android platform with millions of players subscribing to it. Later, they went in for the Pokémon Go series. The Pokemon Go Land saw troops of people with an avid momentum to play the game endlessly. The portals of www.forbes.com enlighten the gaming arena with their facts on the game series. Let’s now consider the features of the Ingress game that could make the Pokémon Go series more interesting.

Benefits of using a map The game Ingress provided a map to every player across the globe. The map depicted all the portals and the team that owns it. The local streets can be zoomed to find out the open portals. You can also check if your opponent has captured it. It could be an added advantage if this feature could be added to find out about the PokéStops and gyms. You could reach your targets quickly as you will know them better.

Increase in trading options In Ingress, there is a possibility of dropping essentials for your teammates. There is a provision for a 12-hour clock. If your items are not picked up, it gets disappeared. Another important point here is, if you are not sneaky, the opponent may grab your things. It is also an ideal way to lighten your backpack as it frees up space. In the case of Pokémon Go series, whenever you fall short of potions, balls or revives, you must go back to the PokéStops. You are not allowed to borrow from your teammates. With an increase in such trading options, the game can be made more exciting.

About the protecting shields In the game Ingress, you will be able to collect weapons and shields to guard yourselves and your portals. You can alter the efficacy of opponent attacks with these items. The turrets can attack the enemies’ closer to your portal. Including such features in the Pokémon, Go series can make the gym battles more worthwhile. If the team members can form a rocket sabotage, they can easily defend when the enemies come in groups to attack the gym. You can also include notifications for fellow team mates when the enemies are around.

Organizing community events The game Ingress also organizes real-life mega events in different cities and key locations. Different teams from the game come together to compete for the given tasks. They would be given a prescribed time limit to complete the task. Such events involve a lot of tactical planning. It enhances the awareness for the game in the community.

It would be great if similar activities could be organized for the Pokémon Go series. The creation of gyms and PokéStops can make it more enjoyable. The team which conquers more than three gyms can be given prizes. You can also offer bonuses and medals to the team that comes first. All these ideas can lift the spirit up for playing the game. Greater the fun, more the excitement!!

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