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🧮 ➗ Quick Maths Game!!! Looking for roguelike math video games? Puzzle Dungeon is a new roguelike dungeon crawler where you use math, language, and other skills to battle enemies. It’s great for any teachers looking for math video games for middle school, or anyone looking for games to improve mental focus! Is our mental sharpness good enough for Puzzle Dungeon? Let’s find out together!!

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Who Should Play Puzzle Dungeon

Puzzle Dungeon is perfect for anyone looking for a new roguelike dungeon crawler, math video games for middle school, games to improve mental focus, education roguelike games, math roguelike games, languagge games in English, puzzle roguelike games, indie education games, or new indie roguelike games. Puzzle Dungeon is really fun and helps improve your math, language, and other skills!

Puzzle Dungeon Summary

Puzzle Dungeon is a fun roguelike game with an interesting twist! It doesn’t feel like you’re playing an education game because it’s actually really fun. But you are sharpening your mental sharpness the whole time you’re playing. The different characters make for drastically different gameplay which is very awesome! If you’re doing badly in one area like math, you can try another skill area like language or colors.

The different characters have their own stats and you can upgrade them independantly with the coins you collect while playing the game. The more you can upgrade each character, the stronger they become and the more health they will gain.

Puzzle Dungeon just came out on Steam and it’s only a few dollars, so I definitely recommend picking up a copy! But make sure you have your QUICK MATHS ready, this game is fast!

Official Puzzle Dungeon Description from Steam

“Test your mental arithmetic, language and cognitive abilities while you adventure through Puzzle Dungeon in an attempt to retrieve the fabled Hypercube.

Delve through the Puzzle Dungeon and try to retrieve the fabled Hypercube.

Test your mental arithmetic, language and cognitive abilities while you adventure through the dungeon.

Play one of 4 distinct characters, each with their own type of puzzle. The further you adventure into the dungeon, the harder each puzzle becomes.

Puzzle Dungeon is a turn-based dungeon crawler featuring classic roguelike elements: procedurally generated levels, permanent character upgrades, pixel art graphics, and permadeath.”

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Ending Song

“Innocence Glitched (Basement)” by Mudeth from the album Antibirth: OST

Thank you for watching this quick maths game video about Puzzle Dungeon! Please like and subscribe, I’m building this lets play indie games channel from the ground up and invite you to come along for the ride. Feel free to comment and share this video and channel with your friends. Much love and respect from your favorite indie gaming channel!!

QUICK MATHS GAME!!! | Puzzle Dungeon | Roguelike Math Video Games | Math Roguelike Games


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  • You're really good at the True/False color one! I think I would be horrible at that. 😀 It's simple in theory, but just while watching it's too quick for me. Amazing how many you got right even with a 0.5s timer!

  • What do you think of Puzzle Dungeon [THANK YOU RAYK!!!]? Let me know in the comments!
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