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10 Best Medium Graphic Games For Intel HD Graphic 3000 In 2017 ✔

Hello Guy ! Wellcome to my New Videos About Medium Graphic to Play on Intel HD Graphic 3000 or with the oldest PC and The Medium Specs PC. Please Enjoy My Videos. 😀

➢Top 10 Best PC Games For Intel HD Graphic 3000 To Play in 2016 :
➢10 Medium Spec PC Games You Should Play In 2016 ✔ :

♦ System Requirement ♦
OS : Windows Vista/7/8/10
Processor : Intel Core I5-2540M CPU @2.60Hz 64bit
Memory : 4 GB of Ram
Graphic : Intel HD Graphic 3000 1.6GB
DirectX : 12

■ Street Fighter X Tekken (0:23)
■ F1 2012 (2:53)
■ Need for Speed (2012) (3:58)
■ Prince of Persia : Forgetten Sand (5:00)
■ Prototype 2 (6:40)
■ Max Payne 3 (8:47)
■ Medal of Honor: Warfighter (10:30)
■ Battlefield 3 (11:43)
■ Sleeping Dog (13:57)
■ Assassin’s Creed : Rogue (15:01)

♬ Music ♬
■ Intro : Kontinuum – Lost (feat. Savoi) [JJD Remix] NCS Release
■ Outro : Axol & The Tech Thieves – Bleed [NCS Release]

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  • Its totally fake.

  • please can tell any multiplayer games for intel 15 3000

  • Awesome, I appreciate this that it is a decent graphics chip.

  • Konsa screen recorder use karta ho bhai

  • ????????? how the heck do you have dx12 on intel hd 3000, when theres not even a support for dx11

  • I am your 1k liker

  • Hunters demons forge works on highest setting with anti-analizing shadows and all

  • Crysis 1 works quite well on low although it supports medium it lags on COREi3 if you have a corei5 2.5ghz then medium is good

  • Assassin's creed rogue???? He's joking

  • Lol, already tested some games from this vídeo, and not true. Need for speed very lag on low config. Same with bf3.

  • the last game is black flag i suppose

  • I play mad max & hitman absolution and more but battle field 3 🤔🤔

  • My insprion n4050 can't even play LOL :V


  • Wait… My laptop can do these things fer reals? I mean ik normal laptops aren't nice with gaming… but oh?

  • assassins creed rouge is not playable on intel hd 3000 graphics
    this video is fake

  • NFS Most Wanted will lag on a laptop.

  • I have a mate with a hd 3000 and it's dx10.1 limited

  • Наебалово дикое

  • Este video es mas falso que un billete de 30

  • Intel HD3000 can't run just one of theese games.

  • Intel hd 3000 128 MB?

  • fake:/

  • hd3000怎么可能玩战地3,我hd4600最低画质玩的都够难受的了,帧数预计不超过30帧。

  • AC Rogue won'trun even!!

  • 4k graphics itel

  • this is totally a fake video.. gameplay shown is on PS and Xbox

  • Need for speed most wanted (2012) 15-20 FPS

    Intel HD Grapichics 3000
    6 GB RAM
    Intel Core i5-2430 2.40GHz (4CPUs)

  • Can u play gta v on this configuration?

  • fake ass shit

  • It's a fake video. It is not true

  • people still are using a discontinued product from like 2011? think my moms old ass laptop from her job is higher spec than that