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120501 SNSD Seohyun Twinkle Message (Genie app)

[Trans] Seohyun’s video message in Genie app (about ‘Twinkle’)

“Hello I’m Seohyun from SNSD~ You’ve watched the first unit of SNSD – Taeyeon Tiffany and Seohyun’s MV, right? I’m not sure what you guys think of it, but we’ve put in lots of effort filming the MV. In fact, if you mention ‘SNSD MV’, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘group dance’, but this time, we’ve presented to you a large variety of images and the MV focuses mainly on story-line. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the MV, and please give us a lot of support, twinkle~”

**Please download ‘Genie’ app from Google Play Store to support SNSD-TTS.

cr: imwhywhy@twitter

Nguồn: https://77days.net/

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