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2018 Gym Guide for Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam – Staying Fit While Traveling

This video is about staying fit while traveling in Ho Chi Min, Vietnam. How to eat healthy, exercise, and have fun while traveling.

Any traveller knows staying fit while traveling is difficult. Most think it is impossible. I know you can do it and will give you the step by step instructions for specific popular budget travel destinations.

Staying in Ho Chi Min you have several gym options since it is such a big city.

#1 High End Gym
24Fit Fitness and Yoga Studio

#1 My Budget Gym Recommendation
Mach’s Gym

#2 Budget Gym Recommendation
Transform Gym

#3 My Extreme Budget Gym Recommendation
Ho Chi Min Body Building

#4 Out Door Gym Free
Near the Reunification Palace

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Sức Khỏe
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  • Great video, first thing on my mind whenever I travel…find the gym. 🙂

  • I didn't see any platforms in the shots you gave; do people just do deadlifts right on the floor?

  • Amazing video brother, helped me a lot! Will be in Vietnam very soon

  • Hi the last gym "tran hung dao bodybuilding" seems to be perfect, is there any cheap hotels/apartments and gaming cafe near it? if so let me know, thanks in advance im going there soon!