365 Days In Skyrim In 1000 Seconds

Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen to Skyrim Special Edition!

This video has a simple yet beautiful concept. To show 365 days (1 years) worth of time passing in Skyrim, shown in 1,000 seconds!
Each day passes in just 2.73972603 seconds, resulting in a video that is 16 minutes 40 seconds and 20 milliseconds long 🙂

I hope you enjoy this rather ambient and stunning showcase of Skyrim’s natural beauty!



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  • This video has no point, other than being well rounded – It's just like a circle.

    I'll see myself out

  • This is extremely nice and relaxing put me to sleep

  • Late to the party, but this is great! Simple, beautiful and relaxing! Thanks for the hard work, it's keeping me sane under quarantine and is a great distraction to all the bad going on right now. Wishing y'all health, kindness and love from Texas

  • PC users: Console code, Press ~ then type
    set timescale to 24 (1 day Skyrim = 1 hour of Real Life)
    set timescale to 1440 (1 day Skyrim = 1 minute of Real Life)
    set timescale to 86400 (1 day Skyrim = 1 second of Real Life)(This might be too much for your PC)

  • At this speed it would take 1,45×10^13 seconds to watch the entire history of the universe (14,5 billion years; from Big Bang to present day). Which are 4.027.777.778 hours, 167.824.074,1 days or 459.791,9838 years 😀

  • laxlax

    Author Reply

    this looks like a waste of time

  • O. M.O. M.

    Author Reply

    Can someone give me a very good, graphics mode? x3

  • I think you only set the times scale to high since I don't see the water moving in fast forward speed.

  • Great video! Merry Christmas Camel! <3

  • 146 hours of sitting and doing nothing, is what I want to do all day.

  • Watch this at 2x speed/0.25speed

  • Question Is there a mod that adds season to skyrim? During the appropriate stages; Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring?


  • This is so relaxing it's unfair.

  • Am I the only one whose reaction is "Wow, how infrequently it is sunny"?

  • 1 year in 1 kilosecond 🙂 Kiloseconds ftw! 🙂

  • orionorion

    Author Reply

    This is making me excited for my new gaming laptop that can run this at max.

  • Isn't this simply done adjusting timescale. Not actual time passing.
    Moreover, all it does is highlight how static the game world is


  • You need Vivid Weathers.

  • This is the most peaceful thing ever.

  • The two biggest selling points for me playing Skyrim since it's debut in 2011 was the soundtrack, and the landscapes. Birds chirping, woodpeckers in the forests occasionally, wind, the sky (especially at night!!). Since the special edition came out, the lighting, and the change of day transitions are awesome, which makes it almost a brand new experience. I was enjoying a good buzz while watching this btw, but thank you!

  • dude that was pretty as fuck

  • You seriously do make THE best Skyrim videos 👌🏻

  • Man I wish i could live there

  • Am I the only one here who thinks Oblivion had more colour to it than Skyrin?

  • That's a lot of screenshots!!

  • TofusTofus

    Author Reply

    I wonder if any one actually watched the whole thing?😂

  • MoistMoist

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    and thats 1000 seconds of your life

  • You lowered the key of the Skyrim atmospheres song! Sounds bad 🙁 Other than that amazing video m8! 🙂

  • Huh this video feel like it took a year!

  • Really appreciate this upload, I had nothing short of a horrific day and this video really took me someplace else, thank you.

  • Camel? You remember talking about Sybille Stentor who lives in Blue Palace. She is in fact a vampire, or at least what I like to believe. You can find a journal of Venarus Vulpin in Redwater Den who speak that he met one of his kind in Solitude. I can think only of Sybille

  • And just like that, in only a matter of minutes, another year has come and gone.

  • thats…. actually pretty dope…. shame on you 22 people to dislike…

  • 366th comment!

  • Anyone else just… speechless? And stunned?

  • After playing 700 hours of Skyrim, I'm kinda bored of it.

  • Without any mods, and with desperately outdated engine Skyrim is still breathtakingly beautiful. This is what you get when you design and visualize a game properly. These masterfully crafted visuals will remain one of the best examples of graphical design in games IMO.

  • So glad you used skyrim atmospheres for the background music!!!

  • it would be cool if skyrim had defined seasons

  • Ok I just saw more than the 2 moons… what is going on here?