Arcade Game: Front Line (1982 Taito)

An action war shooting ’em up game. You must travel through enemy territory the player must accomplish the ultimate mission or meet a violent end : capture the enemy fort and win total victory.
The journey begins slowly with the player armed with a gun (special Gun Control) and hand grenades. Quickly he becomes a target for enemy soldiers who also have guns and grenades. Moving faster, he races past trees that hide the enemy who now unleash an ambush barrage of bullets and bombs. Even the ground he races over has been booby-trapped with land mines.
If the player successfully makes it through this deadly obstacle course, he meets an even greater challenge… the enemy is attacking with tanks! His gun now useless, the player can stand and fight with grenades or leap into his own tank (special Tank button) and counter attack.
The battle rages on all fronts as the player fights for his life, racing for cover behind brick walls while outrunning grenades thrown by soldiers in fox holes. It’s all-out war when the player jumps from his tank into a larger one with greater firepower.
Now comes the final test of victory as the enemy’s fort looms in sight. The player must leap from the tank and run through a hail of bullets to throw one final grenade. The white flag heralds total victory!

Note: Used the Invincibility cheat through the game’s Dipswitch setting.


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  • god that noise is wretched

  • My favourite video game as a pre-teen kid!

    Dude, the enemy bullets, grenades, and rocks alike just go right through the player’s soldier like he’s not even there! Did somebody finger out a way to put the game in cheat mode?

  • It's good to have the old VG video game machines back in the arcades.

  • Even I though I spent thousands in quarters back in the 80s, I was at best an average player. That’s why I was shocked that I could literally play this game as long as I wanted. I have no idea why only this game was easy for me.

  • Without the INVINCIBILITY CHEAT, the game is extremely hard. In normal circumstances, I have never made it out of the first area. Never got to the Tanks area.

  • My friends and me used to call it "The Cangaceiro Game", because the player soldier's helmet, with its loose bands, resembled a leather hat used by many people at the inner regions of Northeastern Brazil.
    "Cangaceiros" (meaning more or less "dry area's people") was the common name of several groups of nomadic bandits who wandered mainly around the Northeast's "Sertão" (the semi-arid region, more or less like the Australian Outback). Still today, I can't help but see our hero as dressed as one of them. Browse for some images of the cangaceiros and you'll see what I mean!

  • Why do we have to watch you sit in one spot for five minutes doing weird shit? Just play the game normal.

  • Wow. You sure wasted a Hell of a lot of time running around doing fuck all nothing.

    I feel embarrassment for you.

  • 존나 답답하게 게임하네

  • How Does the Invencible Mode is Switched On?

  • I stole money from my mom's purse just to get quarters to go to Safeway to play this in 1983

  • StreqStreq

    Author Reply

    man I remember playing this as a kid, getting into the big tank gave me such a visceral feeling of safety, like when you take a shit at home

  • it's painful to watch you play this

  • So it's an even older version of Commando, more or less. Neat.

  • S1500S1500

    Author Reply

    The soldier look like Jimmy from South Park without the crutches

  • what a terrible gameplay

  • Ugh with the God Mode. This game had the coolest, most satisfying "Dial" control…. punch down to throw a grenade. satisfying "weight" to it.

  • The scoring mechanism on Frontline freezes at 999,900. You can keep on playing the game but the score doesn't change and freezes at 999,900.

  • Obsessed with detonating those land mines much?

  • OMG. I used to love this game when I was a kid. I sucked so bad at it.

  • I did not have to cheat on my game play

  • Cheat Line

  • Its hard to take a solider, even a maniacally violent one, seriously when he walks like Carlie Chaplain.