Batman Miniature Game Terrain Diary – Jokers Wild Casino Tower & Awning

This is my video diary of the creation of the tower and covered walkway of the Jokers Wild Casino, as seen in the old Batman animated series episode “Joker’s Wild.” It’s one of my favorite episodes, and last year I discovered this Joker cane at a Spirit Halloween Store that looked just like the mechanical Joker head from the casino in that episode. So I bought it and stored it until now, when I’m finally getting around to building this project for a Batman Miniature Game table.

It’s going to be a big project. The whole casino will probably take up almost the whole table. So I’ll be making it in stages. The first part is the walkway and tower, as that’s the most distinctive. In future videos hopefully I can show the creation of the main casino, but for now that will have to wait.

My goal was to have this completed for an upcoming tournament, but the tournament itself has been postponed, which is good and bad. On the one hand I don’t get to use this right away. On the other it gives me more time to complete the rest of it.

If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below.


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  • Amazing project! And yes, having it sit on the edge of the table means you don't need to build the casino since that would take up a TON of space.
    Could have saved yourself a step by printing 3 of the "Joker's Wild' Marquis out and glued them to the tower before you put on the black foam trim. Then glue the cut-out letters on top of the paper letters in the proper spots.

  • Fantastic.

  • Hi I really love your work. I work for Plaid, we makes Ceramcoat. I would love to send you some paints. Please contact me at Thanks, Shauna L

  • Looks awesome! Keep up the good work. – Andrew

  • That is friggin awesome! One of the most original ideas for scenery that I have seen for this game! There are lots of cool scenery out there, but this has to be at the very iconic top!😀

  • Looks awesome, great job! What a great way to put some BAS references on the table. I am putting together a movie theatre and was going to have "Beware the Gray Ghost" as one of the titles in the marquee.

  • Looks amazing dude 👌🎪

  • Fantastic work.

  • Stunning dude great work 👌