Batman! Slot Machine! Max Bet! BONUSES!!

Played this fun game at The D in downtown Las Vegas! Hit both the Wheel Spin and Picking Bonuses!! Enjoy!!!


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  • Yes Sarah’s smile is one reason..but nice clips too.

  • I miss this game, I can't find it anywhere now.

  • They should make a Batman (1989) video slot machine too!

  • They should make a video slot machine based on the 1989 Nicholson Keaton Batman!

  • As I watched this video, I was reminded of watching this show as a kid growing up. I found Burt Ward's Facebook page as well. I sent him a message to thank him for the joy he brought and to wish him and his family health and happiness. On that note, thank you as well for bringing back some happy memories of the 1960's! Keep up the good work Slotlady!

  • Damn, I was in Vegas then too!

  • 🌹

  • Wow doesn't pay anything you bet 2.50 win 45 cents. 30 doller bonus I like Batman but that game blows 😉😁

  • With each update of the machines it seems the payouts get smaller and smaller , so it you dont hit a huge bonus…you have to loose.

  • You know how to win

  • Holy multi line payouts slotlady lol

  • Excellent merci on découvre plein de machine a sous grâce a toi

  • i saw you walking around early in the night at el cortez. i wanted to say hello but you were with some others. hope you had a great night 🙂

  • I play this at resorts in Atlantic City

  • Not bad not bad lol I am kinda sad you didnt pop into the hot dog place when you were at the D 🙁 I apologize if I seemed weird I'm just a big fan of the channel. But you were very well mannered 🙂

  • Breaking even is just as fun at times beats losing

  • Batman looked like a lot of fun, but stingy on the payoffs…

  • A pretty lady plus Batman!? Win

  • batman slots magnifique

  • I’ve seen this game before.. but never played

  • Excellent merci

  • I'm here for Sarah's smile 🙂

  • I haven't seen the Batman slot in a while but I love to play it. I think the most I won on it was 80 dollars. Thanks for sharing

  • "I found a way to let you win but I never really had a doubt, standing in the light of your halo I've got my angel now"


  • The pays pretty much suck, and the bonuses weren't much better. I think it's all about the jackpot

  • The game looks like fun but the payouts seemed pretty stingy and not many line hits. Too bad.

  • Batman pay lines…wow that is so dissapointing. They have no shame in just taking your money. Sorry you had to go through that Sarah, but thank you for showing us, honestly can't see a way on how you can make a decent profit out that game.

  • Slots Batman magnifique

  • pays are pisss poor on this game

  • mmmmmm thats all for this slot. Good luck Sarah.

  • Looks like "The Batman" caught ya. Next time, you'll be Robin the Batman and that's no Joke! 😊

  • still waiting or should I say dreaming of you dressing up as Cat Woman this Halloween and going to a casino <3.

  • Hermosa!!! Simplemente hermosa

  • Haven't seen this one in a while.


    Author Reply

    yeah 2.50 bet and you constantly get 20-50 cent wins??? that's pure garbage.

  • Wow nice👍😘

  • Holy 97$ loss Sarah. Too bad the caped crusader was not nice to you, he must of needed the money for new utility belt or something. Can't wait for the next video, same slot lady time, same slot lady channel.

  • Rip off machine seriously never mind ,,, one other day

  • U gotta try Angel Blade slots. Does it hurt your neck when looked at the spin on the top?

  • we need 2 see a win again!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Cg FhCg Fh

    Author Reply

    I liked the Batman bonus better even though u should get more credits on the climb up but Catwoman was more visually entertaining. Used to watch the reruns as a kid n the mid 80s 👍 dun-a-nun-a-nun-a-nun-a BATMAN lol

  • Cg FhCg Fh

    Author Reply

    Holy tintinnabulation Batman!!! I didn't think Slot Lady would ever get the bonus! Lol look up the word it's actually a Robin (Burt Ward) quote.

  • That Catwoman bonus is adorable. Cute machine but stingy. Thanks!