Battle of the Boybands! Love BTS? NSYNC? NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK? Then this is the board game for you!

In Battle of the Boy Bands, 3 to 5 players take on the roles of producers in the pop music industry and must build boy bands to compete in special events. The player with the most points at the end of 6 rounds wins the game.

During each round, players try to win the Event in play by building the boy band that will earn the most points according to the special Event rules. Equipping Perk cards from the Breaking News deck to Boys can give them extra points.
Players can sabotage each others’ boy bands by playing Attack cards from the Breaking News deck against them, but watch out! Players can also protect their precious Boys with Defend cards!

—description from the publisher

This video was sponsored by the publisher Game and a Curry, LLC.

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