BEST Brawlers for BIG GAME TABLE FLIP! Maximize Your Tokens! (Brawl Stars)

BEST Brawlers for BIG GAME TABLE FLIP! Maximize Your Tokens! (Brawl Stars)
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In this Brawl Stars video I go over the best brawlers for big game table flip, a new map for big game. I go over the best brawlers vs boss in big game, and the best brawlers as boss in big game. I talk about bull, el primo, ricochet, spike, leon, nita, and mortis. Thanks for watching this big game gameplay and I hope you enjoy!

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  • What do you think of Table Flip? Who are your favorites for it??

  • In my opinion, spike is the best for beating the boss

  • Lol i liked so now the video has 999 likes

  • I survived 3 minutes with el primo i just run aways from the enemies and i use his super to avoid getting cornered.

  • I just got through playing table flip. It was fun and investing playing as the boss itself. I will definitely keep this in mind the next time I’m the boss, and at least i don’t lose any ranking and just gain XP.

  • Rico only I see I didn't see ricochet in 2019

  • Hey not leon its rico as a big brawler onthe top

  • i feel like you should have waited till you got the examples you wanted then edited them in, or was this live?

  • PK _PK _

    Author Reply

    Jessie is a really good boss

  • 4:57 Ok now that wasn't fair…of course you were able to take him down so fast. He was 3 or 4 levels underleveled

  • I find that tanks are great if the big boss is a lower dmg brawler, but tanks going up against big shelly or a big tank are gonna be severely outclassed. Also, if the big brawler is a strong range dps and good at it he'll absolutely shred all your tanks before they can do much dmg. Granted Nita and esp. Jesse are really common big brawler picks because of their supers, and tanks are pretty good against both of them.
    Edit: rico has been my top pick on both sides for this (although I got slightly more time as big jesse), but I would use spike first if i had him 🙁

  • I really wanted to see mortis as boss.

  • I am trying to get there

  • Ricochet's SOOO fun to use as a boss. I usually tend to hit the others and spam my super since I most of the time get it back.
    Helped get my longest time of 3m+

  • I think Leon is the best because you can’t see him
    Edit:I knew it he is insane.

  • I knew it Rico is Broken


    Author Reply

    I got 3 mins and 29 secs with penny in this map (World Record i think)

  • My highest record is 3:50

  • Best Brawler For Begginer's On 500 Trophy


  • I never spend money on myself for anything but I reaaaaally wanted to be boss at least ONCE! I religiously used Nita, and after 12 tickets I finally got boss. Lasted 3:22

  • IgnisIgnis

    Author Reply

    Bet you’ll never guess who’s top of the list.
    Or any list.

  • I got 3+ mins as the boss with Jessy and her turret is really annoying against the boss

  • I got 3:34 as a nita. Her bear is insane. Spike versus boss is so clutch.

  • Imo i think that riccochet it pretty good as a boss. He has low hp which isnt good but his dps is good. If your gonna get cornered just spam your super and your super will kill almost anyone. Its insane. Espiecially in a corner of boxes its really good because the super will keep bouncing around and hitting everyone. Its a really good crowd control. Riccochet doesnt have the hp but definitely the dps and super to be a boss.

  • Lol Tedy BS YT is on my friends list

  • Table flip 👎🏻
    Flip table 👍🏼

  • The Map's name is Table Flip because you get mad when jessie is the big brawler

  • BobBob

    Author Reply

    what's the point of these rankings if leon is always the best

  • I survived for 3m with Bo$$ Nita.

  • You fool! You forgot the throwers! The freaking ones that can avoid damage? Leon is actually worse on this map because of all the walls! Whereas a good dyna mike can easily go 3 mins.

  • Shelly Is So God At Boss at lvl10

  • Hey cory, GG when you play with spike, Im kubiCrash