Black Desert Mobile Redeem Coupon Code & Code GiveAway Event

Black Desert Mobile Redeem Coupon Code & Code Giveaway Event

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  • make a video where or how did u got or know if there a code?and is it every week or a month? i was newbie tho..

  • in ios device no coupon code button?

  • joined the group heje 🙂

  • I send the request. I wait to accept. Thank you very much 😍

  • Please tell me , how do you get the coupon code ? I joined the group but where can I get it ?

  • I send the request

  • Where did you get your black pearls. You only have like 50 something the other day now you habe 900+. How?

  • You should put (private give away) in the title, cause after trying to join the group for the past 3 hrs (dont bother its private, so you have to wait for an admin to let you in, then you have to comment and get chosen by random for the code) I feel clickbaited, in the video you made it seem like we could log on and go like that page and get our 50 bps. That's what I even thought just by taking a glance at the title, hence why I clicked to watch and was bitterly disappointed.

  • By using this, you're just giving them more of your personal information for them to sell.

  • Thank you so much for sharing ka.

  • ไม่เข้าใจอ่ะพี่55

  • No entiendo 🙁

  • The redeem coupon button is not there in account settings for me lol wtf

  • รับโค้ชจากไหนเหรอครับพี่

  • How to use Redeem Coupon code?

  • จะสามารถหา Code ได้จากไหนครับ

  • hey! ice do you know the expected global release of traha? by the way nice video =)

  • Hi Ice, I have a question which would be great if you can cover it in depth on a video.
    How much silver / res scrolls will it cost to upgrade yellow/orange accs per +.
    That info would help everyone and avoid losing an upgrade if the person knows that he/she doesn't have enough res scrolls.
    Thank you 🙂

  • Why you sell orange acc??🤔

  • ทำไมผมไม่มีเมนู Redeem Coupon 😑

  • alredy used 🙁

  • Where get code?