BULLY 2 – Leaked Concept Art & Soundtrack Samples

Some alleged Bully 2 concept art/environment assets and soundtrack samples have recently surfaced!


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  • Imagine jimmy as a main protagonist but much older more like 17 years old

  • HEY who listen the sountrack at night?

    Is it spooky?

  • i hope the Bully 2 protagonist won't be a sadboy

  • the songs are scary

  • Super duper scary the soundtrack frick me

  • The soundtrack should be on manhunt 3. Like if you agree

  • Can i use these soundtracks for one of my videos if i give you credit?

  • 3:15 From the top to the bottom lmao linkin park forgotten reference

  • ok this is just something im making up but at 10:21 sounds like that hunter from the beggining of bully 2 concept art the hunter who is a fake war vet? maybe he betrays you at the almost end maybe?

  • This can’t be the actual bully 2 soundtrack…I refuse to believe rockstar would give such a drab and depressing soundtrack to a game like bully

  • not sure why I'm only watching this now, but this is close to a smoking gun.

    Whether or not they release Bully 2 is a different story, but the evidence you dug out here is compelling to say the least.

  • I'm gonna be EXTEMELY pissed off if Bully 2 comes out before Agent.

  • I liked these tracks especially the first one, but they are very dark so I'm not sure but maybe they have plans for a darker more emotional story. I'm fine with that but it would also change the feeling I had when I played the first one. I love dark and emotional stories but idk how that would go with the whole bully fanbase. Just putting my opinion. Great Video!

  • These people saying the song is too dark for a Bully game, obviously didn't pay attention while playing Bully. I remember playing Bully all the damn time and noticed darker tones and the touches on morality in the game.
    And to the people hoping that if there were to be a Bully 2, that it's not controversial.
    This is Rockstar we're talking about here, it is going to be controversial.
    Being in my early 20s now, I'd love to play a game that I can still relate to, and that sort of speaks on the college age life, and the heavy environment of existential crisis, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Not to mention, with all of the mayhem and events going on, it'd be a M rated game for sure, but a beautiful work of art and very much poetic.
    Maybe a game involving a college student or maybe dropped out of college or something, living a day to day life, the same routine everyday.
    Maybe working a 9-5 and having doubts on their future and giving in to peer pressure.
    A young adult surrounded by close minded people from all over the spectrum of politics and all that ridiculous gawk provoking jazz.
    Idk, those are just my thoughts, and ideas.

  • Both samples, have a deep undertone. Even the "near the end" sample, gives off a creepy vibe, unless it does end in a autumn setting, if I'm being honest, I have doubts of the audio samples being for Bully 2, much more of a man hunt/horror vibe. But it does seem in the bully nature, one off, echoing. Best I could describe Bully 1's music; teenage angst. And that may have been just that. To me it just doesn't "feel" like bully, unless R* wants to try the darker/edgier approach…

  • I am not a fan of the new soundtrack. It isn’t very lighthearted as the old ones.

  • Swegta should work for rockstar

  • I hope bully 2 won’t be rated M

  • Yes the Summer or Fall ambience sounds like some Red dead redemption (1) eerie evening moments maybe from undead nightmare to be specific 🤣 it would be fun if there’s some kind of a creepy cult in the sequel as a faction

  • I hope there is no gta vi, rdr 3,etc except bully 2


  • That soundtrack is a "you stabbed me in the back and nearly killed me so I'm gonna kill you" type of sound track.

  • Bully dude: *finds random bully artwork*

    SWEGTA: “I will shred these details to its last atom”

  • That last soundtrack, reminds me of the kill the rabbit mission from manhunt 1

  • will bully 2 be out

  • Insider?

  • ok, this is my first time ever hearing the POSSIBILE soundtrack but like if this is sawn lee come on sawn step it up i will not be so fucking hype and hear this as a loading screen ok, but i heard rumors if this is in development then sawn isn't doing the soundtrack which is a bummer if its true cause bully is the only video game soundtrack i listen to

  • im all for bully 2. trust me. but since most of these are just personal works or university projects i just don't think thats a valid leak. and i read today rockstar mag or something like that confirmed it is not bully 2 environment whatsoever. but they never said they arent making a bully 2

  • I don't know much about LA Noire, but that one picture was described by its artist to be a detective's office and the music makes more sense for an ending to some mystery showdown? Though, I'd be more than good if it was bully 2


    The "lost" version of the soundtrack if anyone wants it.

  • Simple tapi patent

  • Can it be Max Payne?

  • I think he might be when jimmy goes to college. I hope so

  • odds going in all bully fans I’m having high hopes long live one of the best games

  • Id like to see the fighting mechanics go deeper, what they did with rdr2 was impressive but if like to see them take it a little further and maybe have a kind of karate kid story line to the game where your a troubled bully but then you channel that into MMA fights and practice new moves and have other things that you can partake in such as maybe surfing, biking/skating, climbing, fishing, darts, pool, boxing and other disciplines such as karate, wresting, basketball/baseball
    And take inspiration from movies and shows like Riverdale, karate kid, American pie, never back down, Rocky, mean girls, the hot chick, ip man, Porky's, not another teen movie, grease, Footloose, gridiron gang, also have a jail mechanic in it where when your arrested you go to jail have the scheduling mechanic and days of the week, you go to school take tests passionate in extra curriculars and work small jobs go on dates and other activities. There would be defined characters who are persistent in the world
    Have a grappling system for fights