Bully Anniversary Edition Art 1 Education

Art plays out much like the old arcade game Qix; Jimmy must guide a pencil around a rectangular playfield with a background designed to look like brown paper. He must use this pencil to mark out areas by drawing rectangles with it. Each time he completes a rectangle, inside it the background disappears and an image of Ms. Philips sitting on a sofa appears beneath it. Once 80% of the image is revealed, the stage is won.

While trying to complete the image, he must dodge three kinds of enemies. Scissors travel around the border and the lines Jimmy draws; erasers travel across all unrevealed areas in diagonal lines. If either kind hits either the cursor or any part of an uncompleted rectangle, Jimmy loses a life. As Jimmy passes Art classes, the enemies become faster and more numerous. Firecrackers only appear in later levels; they sit in the center of the stage, eventually exploding and shooting debris around the playfield. Being hit by the debris loses Jimmy a life. Enemies can be defeated by trapping them inside a rectangle, but trying to do this is risky since if Jimmy doesn’t complete the rectangle in time, the enemy will hit the line he’s drawing and he’ll lose a life.

There are three powerups as well – one completely freezes the enemies, one slows them down, and one speeds the pencil up. They can be collected either by running into them, or by trapping them inside a rectangle.

Art on bully game is we tested to rummage, but only move the brush on your android screen, Art in bulletin Anniversary Edition there are five:

Art 1
Art 2
Art 3
Art 4
Art 5

If it meets the five art then you can kiss all the women in the game bully except the teacher.

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