So on reddit, some very very early character concepts were posted to /r/bully by Fika122, and all of these gives us a MASSIVE insight into Bully’s original design…


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  • I like the charatcers we got in the final game however the Criminal kid would be cool to see in game unless it is already and is Hal or Russell or something. Also the Punks I'd like to see.

  • Cassie looks like my boy SWEGTA.

  • The early concepts of Bully would have made a great game.

  • I think the little boy that was deleted could've been Jimmy's little brother or something, like Sam n Dan Houser. Just an idea tho.

  • 13:13 Makes sense as to why Wade says "I'll break every bone in your scrawny little body, chump!" If he was that large, since in the final he is quite small and makes him sound more of a wannabe tough guy (which makes sense also of course).

  • What the hell is happening to your graphics, my eyes hurts

  • av is like a typical little angel that they say very good but in the end he is a son of a bitch av is angel voice

  • JerexJerex

    Author Reply

    That ''stoner kid'' kinda looks like the dummy character used in the sota yuyama animations, you know, Russell, Johnny and Mole's fighting styles

  • This makes me so sad for what could have been

  • ZebraZebra

    Author Reply

    3:22 reminds me of Cornelius

  • I want chuck to be the main character in bully2
    WHAT IF BULLY2 is bully beta
    That would be amazing
    Is it true you said i was inbred?

  • I readed "2020".

  • stoner kid is my favorite character beta

  • “Akin to Stalin” lol

  • Chuck was originally Pete
    Cassie was originally Gary

  • 6:36 It's Andy Griffith everybody.

  • NoraNora

    Author Reply

    I fucking love you Nathan you did such an amazing job😍😍😍

  • I just realized , at 14:59 his shirt says kiss the chef but the arrow is pointing at his crotch . basically the shirt was saying to suck his dick

  • @TheNathanNS you forgot to mention the kim nametag on the shopkeeper 17:37

  • Maybe chuck is an early sheldon

  • bruh the criminal kid looks like a Grown up Mexican disguised as a student it's like a 21 jump street thing

  • Idk why but that Chuck kid reminds me of Chris from the show Everybody Hates Chris..

  • I do like your videos. The content is good. But I think the all caps titles are a bit much.

  • Considering the game was named Bully, maybe instead of multiple cliques, it was just Bullies and Nerds. All the antagonists were a part of one big Bully clique.

  • It would be cool if this bully took place in the 50s 60s 70s or a older time

  • Bully : cool
    History : cool
    Idea : cool
    Hero : cool
    The world of the game : cool
    Better than GTA

  • 13:59 aren't the kids in Bully around that age tho?

  • The dude from the graveyard culd have been used in the 7th chapter cut grave mission

  • It was a completly differend game,shame we will never know any of this as it seems brilliant
    Also the girl has a name while Garry does not,damn the need for knowlage is killing me it was sutcha bigger and darker game