C++ OpenGL 3D Game Engine

I started programming this engine from scratch in my spare time about a year and a half ago. I’ve learned a lot about programming by making the engine myself. I hope to release it online but I still have more I want to add and bugs to fix but here is my tech demo showing what it can do so far!

Updated video here:

I’m also working on a 3rd person perspective:

Here is my first Tutorial!

second tutorial


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  • Are you still working on this?

  • m.o.m.o.

    Author Reply

    love your project, it's great!

  • Download?

  • amazing and attractive project!!! I love it. I am really curious about how you got into programming. 

    How you learned the programming and then programming of your own game engine? 

    hope this might be helpful anyone who would like game programming. 
    thank you.

  • C++ OpenGl 3d game engine

  • I like the glass breaking part

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  • Wow cool

  • nice!

  • can you please provide me the source code

  • Super Mario 64?

  • Bad view angle. your camera is to far away from the screen. Which makes it look like if you see through a telescop.

  • Considering this was made 6 years ago, this is pretty impressive! Well done to you!

  • Can I download this game please ?

  • can download this as stand-alone game?

  • It's 2.5d game

  • C++ is cool 😀

  • TananTanan

    Author Reply

    Is this a BSP engine?

  • Is this raycasting or real 3D? Sure it looks like raycasting.

  • Great work mann!!

  • Good start,

    b u t h o w d o w e m a k e o n e l i k e t h e F o x E n g i n e ?

  • Awesome, can I play this?

  • wish to make a similar 3d engine. are calculus level skills required or just basic math understanding. can not really find an answer anywhere hoping you can help clarify?

  • you should increase the angle of prespective to 45 in that matrix projection thing to make it more realistic

  • It just awesome!

  • I have learn C. do I need read all the book "OpenGL® Programming Guide Seventh Edition" to make this game?

  • @3DSage, Can you share a tutorial on how you made the 3D engine? This will help the community a lot! By the way, great engine!! 🙂

  • this looks like pseudo-3d instead of 3d. i think you made raycasting engine.