Character Style Display Stands for a Game Room! ( Exquisite gaming Cable guys stands)

I have been Collecting a very specific kind of display stand for a game room! These are character style display stands. Great as a nice accent to a game room the way a figure does but at the same time displaying something! Hope you guys enjoy! Collect What You Love!

Exquisite Gaming website :
You can also find them on amazon by searching for exquisite gaming or cable guys holders

My friends at DO YOU NERD’s Channel check them out here:

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Opening Music by: Rolemusic, Song: Poppies


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  • Thanks for the shoutout Disk Cart! Youre the best ☺️

  • Can any of these hold an iPad?

  • Can any of these hold an iPad?

  • Love your channel brother, great ideas 👍👍👍

  • Where did you get the spinning thing that Mario was standing on? Cable Guys are brilliant!

  • You can fix the smudges and paint transfer errors on the Mario with 70% isopropyl alcohol and a Q-tip. I've done this with many of my toys. And it's really helpful.

  • I'm looking for the cowboy controller cable guy but can't find it anywhere

  • Excellent production value! You have a great energy in your videos and your whole channel just seems super professional! Thanks for the content dude!

  • Those are really cool. I knew you had the Sonic and Mario from previous videos but I was surprised to see you had so many more. Good video!

  • Thank you so much for the ideas and for the link to the displays, I'll be buying a few from them

  • Hello Disk Cart , I know this is a sore subject for most but what are your thoughts on this youtube , coppa , ftc thing ? I sure hope it does not affect you as much as other fellow youtubers. I appreciate and like your channel a lot and always like the content you talk about.

  • I got Sonic and yes, the cable guy is really amazing! I put the game case of the game that i currently working on, it’s just like the “now playing” sign to me

  • I forgot how many stands there were. Awesome video!

  • Definitely enjoy the Mario stand–Lady Laci wants to cover his face just because he's not Luigi. lol I always enjoy that you put it to work beyond the DS. Ha–the GB games, like he's choosing!

    Does that Monster Hunter pig have a cocaine problem?
    I really do like the Rabbid stand–he looks so deranged! Heh–butt… I just hope his eyes never turn red–that'd be way too freaky.
    Pika-HUGE!!! Definitely missed out the opportunity to light up the cheeks. Especially when the same effect has been seen in console and handheld form before.
    Hmmmm…those various cable guys characters look great–we may need to look into these. You should ONLY make Sonic hold Nintendo stuff–that is his life now. lol

    And dude, thanks so much for the shout out!!! We really appreciate it!! Seriously, we were all too happy to give that LA box a good new forever home!!! Now–those TP tats, I wanna see some sleevage!! LOL

  • Just watching your video again 😀 your videos make me happy

  • Does the mario one match the cable guys in terms of size? I'd love mario sonic and crash holding snes, megadrive, and playstation controllers, but not if the sizes are mismatched…

  • Wow cable guy exquisite controller stands are awesome! Thanks for showing them off!

  • I have a Mario display stand for my DS, but it has a generic black base without the star under Mario’s feet.

  • I’d love to pick up that Mario one but it doesn’t hold the Switch Pro controller quite well. I wish someone redesigns one just for that.

    I dig these specialty videos. How about one about your plushie collection? That’s if you have a good collection. Keep the videos coming. 👍

  • Wish they made stands for controllers that are wired to hide them

  • I had no idea that the Pikachu DSi stand existed! I am definitely going to try to pick one up soon, thanks for the heads up Disk Cart!!

  • These are pretty rad. I've seen a couple before, but didn't know there were so many!

  • That Mario stand is epic!

  • Awesome video! I love the Mario stand. Will have to look out for that one. 🙂

  • I have the XL Crash Bandicoot stand. I use it on my PS1 shelf to hold my childhood copy of Crash 2.

  • Blame Ganiman

  • I want that Link's Awakening steel book big box

  • These look good as a display piece

  • Sonic and tails looking real good and super reasonably priced! Thanks for Sharing, very cool!

  • Great video. I always like figs that hold controllers. I am excited about what could be possibly next. I have a guess/suggestion. Mini game series shrines.

  • Love the pikachu stand!!!

  • Love the Mario Stand

  • How, a new video. And I love that hollow knight shirt! Just played it last month for the first time

  • awesome man. I have been trying to get some of those stands for reasonable prices over the years. I will share the few i have with you later!