Cleveland Cavaliers vs Phoenix Suns Full Game Highlights / March 23 / 2017-18 NBA Season

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  • I was at this game it was awesome 😎

  • I was at this game !

  • W

  • 1-19 in 20 first game yikes man so there that bad huh

  • I was at that game glad I got to see LBJ play here before he left but I’m glad he left.

  • I'm A Die Hard Sun's Fan , But Damn They need a lot of work on the Defensive Game …. I mean I Dont Get it …. Don't get me wrong Cleveland Is The Best Eastern Conference Team But Come On Phoenix Plays Harder against Golden State they Should've At least lost buy 10 to 15 Points Like Wtf lol

  • Suns are going to be amazing next season

  • where are booker?

  • God bless!

  • That thumbnail😂😂😂

  • finish scary in stop particular various law ability doctor sit

  • what is tristan doing there ? he should be on the bench.

  • Jared Dudley's face looks so funny checking LeBron on the video thumbnail.

  • we really going to pretend that Lebron didnt get ankles during that play at 7:00 what a beast

  • When i started watching these basketball highlights, i used to hate teams that couldn't shoot often and accurately like GSW then I realized how much it sucks not having a man that can charge to the rim for a layup which is what makes me appreciate Lebron James so much. That said, GSW is still one of the most fun teams to watch imo

  • lebron james

  • Looool what u guy's gonna do next year when lehelp is gone cavs fans just enjoy the rest of the season when comes next ur team will be no we're to found hahahaha

  • 0:52 thats what you get for making me look at that stupid haircut

  • Damn…Cavs been playing damn good basketball as of late. Lebron & company definitely have potential to get even better before the Playoffs. 💯 But I don’t care… y’all see that, post up sky hook that Zizic pulled?? Just clean a’f! 🔥 #CAVS

  • We all need to follow Lebron almighty on Twitter

  • The Cavs are gonna get the number one overall pick this year again

  • Tristan looks so terrible. Waste of a roster spot

  • Start believing cause Cavs are coming for GSW

  • Larry & Love on the floor is enough, Zizic(coming of the bench) need for the kardashian…

  • LeGOAT
    Le2018 NBA Champions
    Beware of CAVS in Play-offs

  • LeBron Passing Is A Joy To See,The Range And Quality Like Watching A QB Finding His Players Open Wherever On The Court.
    Still A ? To Whether The Cavs Are Going To Make It.

  • This might be the funniest thumbnail I've seen in my life

  • Now that Love is back and Nance playing well there really is no place for TT

  • Larry Nance>TT.
    Jose>every other player who has played at the point this season on the cavs (except Lebron).

  • Let Drew coach the rest of the season

  • cavs is ready for nba playoffs 2018

  • K

  • Sage kalaia Kameren kale 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • I really like this cavs team… great ball movement.. everyone for the most part know their roles… I just want hood to receive more touches and give more mins to Larry Nace because TT got that Kardashian curse👀

  • 5:00 that was travel right?

  • Calderon is the man

  • 4:59 Nigga walked to the moon and back

  • zizic with the dream shake

  • BallHog Ball HogTake notes KD, this is how you lead a team without joining a 73-9 teamwith 3 other allstars that beat you in the playoffs after you were up 3-1 and choked. This is how you lift your guys up instead of taking the easiest way out possible and joingthe best shooting backcourt in nba history. And don't compare what KD did to LeBronjoining miami because it's 2 different things. LeBron wanted to stay in Cleveland butthe real reason he left is because they were refusing to trade Delonte West who was smashinghis mom which a lot of people forget. At least he didn't join a already established championship team that beat his team. That's like LeBron joining the Celtics after they knocked him out.KD made the softest move ever in NBA history. No disrespect to the real warriors fans, the ones who was there since Monta was running shit. It's just fuck KD, Simple. (Comment defending KD if ur gay)19 hours ago (edited)•214Show more replies

  • Hilarious thumbnail

  • Nace+ Love

  • Let's go cavs

  • All of u non cavs fans say we dick riding because we cavs fans then what are you 🤔🤔🤔

  • R JR J

    Author Reply

    Go Cavs