Coding Minecraft in One Week – C++/OpenGL Programming Challenge

Hello! In this video, I attempt to create a simple voxel game/ Minecraft clone in a single week. It doesn’t have the best performance or the most features; but of course, there is only so much you can achieve in a single week.

Hope you enjoy!


Note: Performance issues are excepted as this was made in only a week
NOTE: This MIGHT NOT WORK ON AMD GPUs. I’m not sure why exactly, I would find out but I do not own a AMD GPU. Works on Nvidia cards fine.
DOWNLOAD: (One week Version)
DOWNLOAD: (Optimized with collision detection, 12 day version)



–Day one–

Stickerbrush Symphony – Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong-Quest

Beyond Good and Evil Soundtrack- ‘Home Sweet Home’

–Day Two–

Beyond Good and Evil Soundtrack- ‘Home Sweet Home’

Tales Of Phantasia – Final Act SNES version

–Day Three—

Cave Story OST – Mimiga Town

Dragon Quest VI – Pegasus

–Day Four–

Cave Story OST – Plant

Rayman One – Bandland

–Day Five–

Milky Way Wishes – Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Cave Story OST – Bad Ending

–Day Six–

Ken Silverman’s Neat Song

Lufia 2 – Final Battle

–Day Seven–
C418 – Sweden (Caution & Crisis Remix)


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  • When I made this video, I did not expect this much traction. I created this when my subscribers were all programmers, and now I have layman watching this as well, which is nice as it means I now have a wider audience 🙂

    However, as expected by this new viewer base, quite a lot of people are commenting things that didn't really get commented before, such as:

    "please add this" and "please add that"

    "fix your ugly palm trees" (yes I know my palm trees suck lol, some comments have really overreacted about them. I would have made them better, but I had better things to do)

    "fix your movement"

    "make the world gen smoother"

    etc, 😛

     What doesn't seem to be understood is that I made this video for a one-off bit of fun, and I had no plans (and still don't) of continuing and supporting this game, because it was just a one-week challenge, and nothing more.

    I have a separate game, which you can view in my other "creating" videos, which is also an open-source educational/ fun MC clone, which I do plan to continue creating. However, before I do continue that, I want to learn about networking and how multiplayer works, and I am not sure how long that may take.

    When I do learn how that works, I will begin to create another video where I attempt to implement that. 😛

    Of course, in the meantime, I will try and make a video every week or two 🙂

    Thanks all!

    PS: It is not physically possible to create CS GO and Call of Duty in a week, so please stop suggesting that xD

    Edit: To people who keep saying "all you did was make a terrain generator smh", you clearly didn't watch the video

  • I made a identical minecraft bedrock minus the menus!

  • minecraft c++ edition

  • Oh my god, he make minecraft using c++ and without a game engine

    this dude is cool

    ofc im gonna subs him

  • "Free D"

  • Palm trees aren't in minecraft

  • Now add Shaderpacks

  • Yeah the furthest I got was a command line program.

  • So wait , he made something 2d on a screen 3d? And used the c++ code to make textures?? how do you do this stuff? I really want to learn how.

  • Take this: I made once a moving cube in unity

    I had an error after that

  • Damn, I've watched this roughly 3 years old. Time is going so fast.
    Like if you watching this later than 2021.

  • I even don't know how to make my character walk follow the camera

  • KaraiKarai

    Author Reply

    “Sending the events to the event handler, and the event handler will sort of handle the events”


  • Gotta love Minecraft! Great vid!

  • that did not teatch me anything

  • MaxoMaxo

    Author Reply

    *cries in Roblox lua*

  • Me: Mom! Can i have minecraft?
    Mom: No.
    Me: Comes to watch this video.
    Also me: Now i have plan b

  • Can I open the source code in Visual Studio?

    I'm Brazilian ok

  • 1:23

  • 1:23

  • **

    Author Reply

    Is this one of those minecraft rip offs called like "blockminer diamond" from the android play store

  • he's a legend

  • Are you sure your line counting is accurate? If so I'm kinda embarressed right now 4100 Lines of code would not even cover my math library and I'm not even close to a game…. I have a certain feeling that I'm doing something wrong.

  • amezing amezing extrem


  • 8:51 you coded pi time