Console Gaming Room Part 3 internet cafe simulator

Hey all, welcome to my new video:
Console Gaming Room Part 3 internet cafe simulator

In this video we will be spicing up our one room to make it a complete console room with screens on the walls and some comfy chairs…!!! hope you all enjoy 🙂

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    Author Reply


  • How to save the game, please tell it.

  • Wow can i have a Super beautiful graphics like that on android.?

  • Where can I find the internet Cafe Simulator? I like it.

  • Is that ps4 or pc

  • man i swear im not lying i thought u might will be having 1or2 million subs. cringe intensified 😅

  • Good brother

  • Nice

  • Thank i have no idea to make game console and i watch your video thanks

  • How to earn more money?

  • Hey bro luv u From India 🇮🇳 but I am playing in my Android and it crashes many times and I lost my process in game help mee

  • Heyyyyy got a new subscriber….

  • Do i really need to buy expensive tv?

  • Underrated 😭😭 keep up you are very good YouTuber

  • Great video OC! Glad to see your cafe is doing better 🙂

  • I think you should do the front as a laptop area and open the kitchen, leave the console room as is, but take a chair away from each side. Use the back space for arcade and more computers!

  • 🔥

  • Awesomeness good idea with the tables back to back and the arcade machines!

  • Keep it up with this letsplay, I’m really enjoying it and look forward to seeing more soon!

    Just subbed, what kind of upload schedule do you have for this series?

  • Heeyyyyyy its a great viddddd