DIY | Custom Entertainment Center to hold your Video Game Consoles

In this video I show you guys my custom entertainment center that I out together and set up all my systems on it
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  • Wow sweet shelf man!

    Ive been wanting to make a electrical shelf with a switch just like this but with cubes for each console. What video tutorials did you look up to for the electrical part? Or did you came up with it by yourself?! O: I cant seem to find many videos explaning it. Anyway! Sweet video man!

  • Really enjoy it. Let's check woodprix plans also.

  • Russ, what are your suggestions for cord management and what to buy for hooking up multiple systems? Love the entertainment center you built.

  • looks like we have the same vcr

  • Okay but THAT MARIO LAMP!! I thought it was just a collection of figurines but then it was.. so much more
    Good stuff, looking for inspiration for building an entertainment center of my own

  • Sweet set up bro. I have 12 consoles I'd like to have hooked up everything from Atari 2600 to PS4/XB1. Came across your video while trying to come up with ideas for what I'd like to build myself. Definitely stealing your power strip idea haha

  • Excellent.

  • whats the bg music in the video?

  • awesome. not how i would have made it. but turned out pretty nice.

  • holy shit the music is ANNOYING.

  • How exactly did you make that light switch work? That was very interesting and I honestly want to make one of those. But I just don't know how!

  • my cat loved to eat wires

  • That's cool I'm gonna do that

  • This just inspired me. Now I just need to figure out how to come across making the actual cabinets/shelves.

  • I know this is an older video but what kind of wax did you put on the shelves to prevent the consoles from sticking?

  • What type of switches did you use? You said one was an auto-switch?

  • Great Job!, Congrats!!, can u tell me what's the lcd remote control u used ? thanks

  • Thanks for the Ideas. Great looking entertainment center

  • I like the one switch idea but it seems like it needs more dressing of some type

  • You have the right idea, and I think it looks pretty nice. But I saw all those consoles, and a disproportionate TV. Are you saving for a larger one? Everything else about the unit, especially that nice frosted glass, is unique and I might give it a try.

  • Awesome!! Recently moved to a new house with a huge garage where I can finally make my man cave! Hope I can pull off a unit as sweet as this! Good job dude

  • Looks great!

  • Tk+Tk+

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  • Soo freaking cool man


  • I need one right now. MY TV sits on a stool, my consoles are so close to each other and the wires are scattered/tangled. and my games are a mess in a pile, unsorted based on console. I need to organize, and get some sort of shelf xD!

  • nicely done…
    i am sure peeps are going to ask.. when can you make me one?? lmao
    just needs some glass doors…..

  • Youll have to come up North for weekend and build me one lol. Awesome set up man

  • Pretty sweet.. now you just need a big ol tube CRT tv to get the true Retro experience (also less input lag!)