DIY Video Game Controller Wall Mount and Charging Station

So, you collect video game controllers and don’t have a good way to display them? Are you also wanting to keep an unreasonable number of controllers fully charged at all times? Are you handy with a drill. Then this video is for you. Here I show you how to DIY a game room controller mount and controller charger.


Supplies Mentioned:
USB Charger:
Controller mounts:
USB cables:

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Music from “Past Sadness” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licence: CC BY (

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  • would you like to show again how you did that support for the controls

  • nice set up video was immature but still i laughed so i guess i am immature too.

  • pretty funny :D. i need to sleepy now, cuz its 2:50, and my moma will spanky spanky if i dont sleepy sleepy

  • I came here because I needed a controller display solution and ended up laughing so hard at your jokes that one of my lungs collapsed. Finishing the video in the ER 😂
    Will be doing this when I get out, haha! Great end result!

  • Very well done! I really like how sharp this looks when it comes together. And I can't deny the enjoyment of watching you diagram it out–very nice!

  • "like murder a neighbor… or use screws" lol

  • "I decided not to do that because it's not christian" lol

  • Nailed it.

    Making something adjustable like you have here is great.

  • This was entirely too funny at 2am about such a topic.

    Average work!

  • Dumb DIY but I'm dumb so it works itself out… Dumb.

  • its dumb how simple this is to make and I can pretty much use this for everything !