Do You Remember Pitfall: The Lost Expedition?

Recently bought some of my old ps2 games and oHHHH boy did I remember this one. Like this, Spider Man 2 and Jak X Combat Racing were my jams back in the day.



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  • Leave a like on this vid its for a social experiment also im insecure ok thxxxx

  • Make a video on the De Blob games

  • wasn't the original pitfall a platformerer so its not blind if its the original

  • I could never forget this game. This was the first video game I ever played way back when I was just 3 years old.

  • Thiers a olf game i rember. It was called haunted mansion its a horror game with some puzzle and platformer elements. Zek had to absorb souls after turning on the lights. Also you have to fight cool enemies like spiders , evil ghost , banshees , knights and more.

  • I have the wii version of this it's pretty great strange it has a different name though

  • i love this game i have it on the original xbox

  • How can you NOT enjoy this game? The setting is just amazing, Harry is very comfortable to control (yeah ikr cam sometimes is shit and needs adjustments but cmon… every game had this issue back in the days), the puzzles are great. Most of the time it's like "ok i see this nice piece over there… how do i get there?" – then you rpoceed with trying everything out until you get the idea… Some puzzles are damn hard, but it keeps you going and let's you explore more. the "olympics" games by the end are just awesome and replayable allday long.
    If you never played it PLAY IT!

  • Who else wanted to have a rush of nostalgia and searched the game and could remember the name?

  • I LOVED the game. The cat level was awesome!

  • Just finish it. Awesome platformer. Played in that game from 2005. So slow.

  • My God, I thought no one has played this game beside me

  • Omg this was the first game I ever played in my life when I was like 7. I remember being scared of the holes with teeth on the ground 😂

  • I just discovered this video from you buns. But I’ll tell you this I remember this game and loved it so much. To the point I had all the wacky cheat codes. I believe I even had that GBA port. Thank you for reminding me of this gem from our collective youths. Now I gotta track it down lol.

  • Pitfall is still one of my favorite ps2 games

  • Oh man the memories

  • They need to make it a comeback or a remake for this game! Like for ps4 or ps5. Oh imagine if it actually happened….😍😍😍
    My Childhood game..😭😭😭

  • Honestly I'm just a sucker for metroidvania-lite games. And I love how often you'd pass through the same areas to go to new locations, it really made the world feel more alive.

  • The pitfall from my childhood was pitfall the Mayan adventure on SNES.

  • Aww. You haven't forgotten me yet it would seem. Of course this is from two years ago and you likely won't see this but… This game was the second game I ever had on the PS2 next to KO the Kangaroo. I remember spending weeks without turning the console off(I didn't have a memory card at the time) just to beat this game. To this day I still think of it as one of my more favorite of games. I just find it sad that it is hard to find people who have played it.

  • I'm glad i beat this game as a kid

  • haha…"I know what angle to stand out from the YTube crowd I should go with…ANNOYING MOM VOICE!!!" genius.

  • Huh, I can't explain it, but I can't help but feel validated for some reason

  • Apparently edge of reality had something to do with the sims 3 and Tony hawk pro skater 2 and 3

  • The way you feel for this title is probably the same way I feel towards Crash Tag Team Racing.

  • This video was so fucking cringe. Honestly.

  • Fuck you “bright colors” “it’s fun” fuck you fuck you fuck your channel

  • This game was, like, the sixth pitfall

  • I miss it I wish they made a part 2

  • nah, I don't agree with how you call it mediocre.
    yeah, a normal concept, but things don't have to be revolutionary to be good.
    you can take an idea and get a good product or a bad product, it's how you do it that differentiate it.
    I agree saying that it was neither extremely good or bad, just in the middle, but for me it had tendencies towards good.

  • Magic hands vs fire demon panther. Body swap levels only those who have played the game know the horror and joy of this levels

  • Pitfall the lost expedition is one of my guilty pleasures. I still play it every so often

  • This was my childhood. Thank you for bringing me back to Pre school evenings and saturday mornings xx

  • i miss this game so much, trying to find how to get it on my emulator