Donkey Kong Country Video Walkthrough

This is a video walkthrough / playthrough / runthrough / etc of the SNES game Donkey Kong Country.

Firstly, let me say I’m pretty sure I collect all the letters in each stage, though you’ll notice that sometimes I end a stage looking like I missed a K or an O. It seems the reason that happened is because after collecting a letter, before I get to a checkpoint barrel, I happen to collect an animal token which takes me to a bonus stage. After the bonus stage, I restart the level, and the letter is then missing. I noticed this doesn’t happen when I go into a bonus stage after hitting a checkpoint.

And it was almost a perfect run, but I did lose a monkey a few times…

I remember a loooooong time ago, I had received a promotional VHS tape from Nintendo showing off this game. At the time I thought it was freaking amazing (I still do…A shame what happened to Rare though…Tsk tsk…) Needless to say, I’ve been playing this game for quite some time….


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  • Jeremy(Saikyomog) passed away 02/20/15.  Everyone please see Saikyomog A Dad's Remembrance  and
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  • I’m so glad that it’s finally coming to Nintendo switch online😁😁😁

  • Donkey Kong Country is now on SNES Switch Online.

  • Anyone here cause of the recent release to the Switch?

  • I remember getting this for Christmas and it took me all weekend…the ice stage is HARD!!! #class99

  • RIP Jeremy. These are excellent play through videos. No talking. No text comments. Just pure unadulterated gameplay. I love these old SNES games, my brother and I would enjoy many a late weekend and summer vacation nights playing these well until the sky started to get light out. We would have to turn it way down to mute in the playroom and even put a blanket under the door crack to that even the light of the TV wouldn’t let out parents or our other siblings know what we were doing. We even stuffed pillows in our beds to make it look like we were sleeping.

  • Im am still a kid i am 12 but when i was like 5years old i played this everyday and im really happy i grew up with this instead of other games i literally played this everyday today i found the console and the game still in there and didnt get out of my room the whole day playing this.

  • 1:01 f

  • NinjaNinja

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    You should do donkey Kong country tropecel freeze

  • NinjaNinja

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    I got donkey Kong country tropical freeze

  • i just realised how bad of a gamer i was as a kid, never made it past 23:00 map

  • Wow nice game

  • I love this game soo much I played this when I was in daycare along time ago but this was the game and I also had super Mario but I love SNES or arcade games like this

  • B A R R E L

  • Friday nights till 12 playing damn memories

  • I hate this game it looks so fucking creepy why am I watching this

  • Esto era mi infancia

  • I love you Diddy Kong

  • Nostalgia

  • NikeeNikee

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    “Don’t be sad because it’s gone…smile because it happened.”

  • D y d d y

  • You are so Savage

  • Gawdaymmmm the memories. Fucking crying

  • This brings so much memories 20 years back