Dragon Quest 11 (PC) Part 208 – Lonalulu's Loss

It seems Kai has done something brave and foolish and it’s up to us to save him.


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  • Man this post game is really weird due to all the subquests and story quests of the Dark World still being retained over the time travel to the past.

  • 0:28 I love the Master and Commander movie.

  • “Not natural”???? All the wacked out junk that’s hovering across the world- INCLUDING your favorite lady/birdcage hybrid – and you're calling attention to a demon guy's muscular structure as “not natural”? YOU are a freakin' *Luminary*. That alone shouldn't be “natural”!

    You… you are an amusing contrast at times, Auld. 🙂

  • Nice to Maybelline joke

  • The storyline is very confusing