Dragon Quest XI ► POSTGAME ► Part 132 [100% LONALULU]

Welcome everyone to my First Ever Playthrough of Dragon Quest XI. The long awaited PS4 release is finally here and we are jumping in right away to do a complete blind playthrough here at JayRPGaming.

Dragon Quest has always held a special place in my heart since Dragon Quest VIII The Journey of the Cursed King way back on the PS2. I have always thought of it as one of my all time Favourites! And Dragon Quest XI Is no exception, get ready to explore one of the most beautiful Fantasy Worlds ever created as we head of on an exciting journey making friends along the way as well as taking on monstrous foes.

If you love JRPG’s you will love this game and I look forward to bringing you a complete playthrough to the best of my ability!

Dragon Quest XI is played on my PS4 from the Hard copy disc. The game is made by Square Enix and all rights are theirs, I am but a humble fan playing a franchise I love.

Thanks for watching.



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I thank you all from the bottom of my HEART for the amazing support on my channel and I hope I have been able to deliver amazing content that you enjoy and love!


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