DRAGON QUEST XI – English Walkthrough Part 9 – Lonalulu & Kraken Boss (PS4 PRO)

Dragon Quest 11 Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game 1080p 60fps PS4 PRO ドラゴンクエスト XI No Commentary 1080p 60fps HD let’s play playthrough review guide
Showcasing all cutscenes movie edition, all boss fights / boss fights, side missions, upgrades, outfits / costumes, best moments, final boss and true ending.
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  • Why are your footsteps so loud

  • Well that was depressing

  • Holy cow, I thought it was going to be a funny arc with mermaids? Now all this feels?? 😭😭😭

  • This was a really sad part of the game, but god Kai has a bad voice lol

  • 1:28:33 I almost bawled here, real tear jerker scene 🙁

  • i didn't found i have a heart until this happened !!!!!

  • Sorry but please tell I was not the ONLY ONE who was at least crying when you hear all the suffering Kai and the mermaid went through…..

  • Halleluah pep skill can help you level up faster if you have crit claim and thunder thrust that helps too

  • DeronDeron

    Author Reply


  • the mermaid's story broke my heart…sure its a take on The Little Mermaid's story but still….the real reason and the villagers' interpretation made it all the more sad…. T_T
    and now i am playing this story….more T_T

  • Dude i had to lie her and she still alive with hope, so sad after watched this

  • One of the kids looked a lot like adult Gohan from Dragon Ball Z

  • I cant beat hik and Im higher level than you are!

  • Dude, I love watching you play… but could you please do something like… LEVEL? Easy fix… I leveled for 2 hours and now I'm a beast… then con't with the film.

  • When, in a story, someone speaks in rhymes, it's often grating
    But Michelle's consistent meter makes her much less aggravating.

  • Michelle sounds like a dude trying to sound like a british 15 year old.

  • This almost made me cry Damn

  • This boss became a snooze thanks to getting the cannon and using snooze to put it asleep. Then just have erik set up for dealing damage without even needing to deal contact damage and risk waking up the Kragon

  • What happens if you lie to MICHELLE ?!

  • I really wonder if there is alternate ending for this arc since the ending is literally sad

  • ariel rip off?

  • RagnaRagna

    Author Reply

    Oh golly all the references to Hawaii haha, I love it

  • Well least its nice to know I spent 60 bucks on a game I thought fun. Got to this boss, buffed my group with ice resist, agi up, should have been enough. Wrong. Gotta single stupid cast immune to breath attack on everyone…nope stupid. Made sure both arms where close to being defeated, beat them both, right after 'both arms are back', refund time.

  • Omg all the old DQ themes saints wearth!!!! 😭😭😭😎

  • Yes indeed, a tragic tale. A love so strong and yet it failed. Whether it's love for another or living for many years and days. This is Dragon Quest's wonderful re-telling of The Little Mermaid.

    So sad, I really enjoyed it a lot. Perhaps I really enjoy video games imbuing folktales and nursery rhymes.

  • Your battle strategy is pretty bad, you barely use any buffing


  • Shouldn't Michelle be barefeet since she just turned into a human? What a modern magic that makes her change with sandals on her feet already. LOL

  • YashaYasha

    Author Reply

    Eric and Serena was really helpful in defeating Senior Squid.

  • What a sad love story

  • I somehow wished that Serena was involved a bit in the storyline with the mermaid and at the end. I mean if the main character don't speak, have at least someone with him who talk.

  • Your a weak FUCK are you

  • I wonder what would happen if you picked yes that kai was coming.

  • I came for the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls's Fluttershy-ish thumbnail of Michelle. Developing studios regulary do backroom deals and unofficially co-operated with each other. 'SEGA & Sonic Team' seemed to have unofficially co-developeded of many other projects.

    Of course Pony Fluttershy was based on
    Hasbro's MoonDreamers's Roary the Lion. So her being the Cowardly Lion makes sense.

    Then there's Beast Breeders.

    Lion indeed…

    And have you ever heard Princess Luna the Mermaid who was banished from Angel Island?

  • i beat him with sylvando left in my group with 3 hp. thank you hot lick

  • Rab- imma firing my grampa laser

  • You are so fast

  • This is tarting to feel like Dr. Seuss.

  • FINALLY caught up to the latest episode and the next one is in a hour FUCK but at least I'm caught up now.