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  • Thanks for the explanation. Can u plz demonstrate the N Queen problem.

  • Can you make a new video on decode ways. I find it hard to translate the recursive approach into the dynamic programming approach.

  • sir why the approach of starting from (0,0) and maintaining min health required to reach index(i,j) not working here??plz reply sir would be great help . i am bit confused regarding this.

  • thanks finally got it

  • Excellent

  • If we start from (0,0), by checking how much health we require till the current cell, and taking the total positive values till here, then will it work ?

  • Just by watching your video till 7:51 minutes I am able to solve this question(There was some problem with my base case).Thanks a lot.

  • chrischris

    Author Reply

    The first time I thought about dp but I tried start from (0,0), I didnt find an answer so I dropped it. Then I did a recursive function to try all the possible paths. It worked. I use another function with binary search to find candidates and get the answer. I got a lot of time exceed. It was amazing that you found a way using dp but starting from the end. That made sense. I guess I need to learn to try different approaches. I never though it could be possible to use dp starting from the end.

  • Interesting Video, So much love your video , It's a very useful video . Keep it Up ! ALL THE BEST ! Waiting for next video…

  • Interesting Video, So much love your video , It's a very useful video . Keep it Up ! ALL THE BEST ! Waiting for next video…

  • I tried to solve it using top-down DP approach. But it gave me WA for few test cases.

  • Thanks for the video. Can you please also provide a recursive solution,even if its just a rough solution, before going for DP? I think that might help a lot.

  • Very nice explanation..Thanks for making this video 🙂

  • Just about to give up my trails and I got the notification. I totally loved it. Thank you

  • you are hero

  • Superb. I couldn't solve it earlier. Now I feel I can.

  • Can you do decode ways leetcode question 91 with a clearer explanation?