Ecco the Dolphin – Sega CD Soundtrack

Spencer Nilsen had the great chance of composing the CD soundtrack of the first Ecco game – and he has truly outdone himself there. Since he was not limited to the capabilities of the Genesis soundchip, Nilsen created completely new and totally different music compared to the cartridge version. It’s so hard to describe, because there are so many little sounds and instruments he uses, but everything together works like something you could call an underwater orchestra. Sometimes I thought however, that the music went too strong and distracted from the actual game. Still every track fits the stages it’s played in, and when played in your Hifi you got an ultimate soundtrack to relax and enjoy.

If you only want a certain song, choose it from this list:
(01 – Data Track)
02 – Title Screen – 04:34min – 10.4MB
03 – The Marble Sea – 04:03min – 9.25MB
04 – Medusa Bay – 03:31min – 8.03MB
05 – Volcanic Reef – 06:10min – 14.0MB
06 – Undercaves – 05:24min – 12.3MB
07 – The Vents – 05:37min – 12.8MB
08 – Pteranodon Pond – 03:29min – 7.95MB
09 – Open Ocean – 00:59min – 2.23MB
10 – The Tube – 01:55min – 4.37MB
11 – Welcome to the Machine – 03:24min – 7.77MB
12 – Home Bay (after the storm) – 00:59min – 2.23MB
13 – Home Bay – 03:30min – 8.01MB
14 – unused track – 03:30min – 7.98MB
15 – Jurassic Beach – 05:32min – 12.6MB
16 – Ridge Water – 03:46min – 8.59MB

Sega PC Soundtrack

The PC Version of this soundtrack only differs in some tracks being cut out and some being shortened. Those who want to create their own Audio CD to play with Ecco PC either download the Sega CD version (above) and put the tracks in the PC track order:

(01 – Data Track)
02 – Title Screen
03 – The Marble Sea
04 – Medusa Bay
05 – Volcanic Reef
06 – Undercaves
07 – The Vents
08 – Open Ocean
09 – Pteranodon Pond
10 – Home Bay (after the storm)
11 – Home Bay
12 – Jurassic Beach
13 – Ridge Water
14 – Applause


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  • Sucks they didn’t add to the new sega classics game

  • I am hearing dubstep, trap, and Japanese environmental music in this…and this game came out way before some of those genres !! If this soundtrack is ever recreated using modern instruments it would easily fit right into one of those styles of music!

  • This was the hardest MGD2 game in my opinion…. But the soundtrack was the only thing that kept me playing! Timeless!…. Very Mike oldfield esque too…… My kingdom for this on CD so I can chill to it on the way to work in the car (when we eventually get out of lockdown!) it's good to reminisce…. Big love everyone and stay safe #coronavirus #COVID19 xxxx

  • когда через 20+ лет послушал саунтрек к Экко дельфину

  • Most mesmerizing music from videogame that i know.Sublime.And atmosphere i never got from any other music or any form of art ever. Im sure music and game itself pretty much one of maybe #100 things that formed my innerworld and lifevision or was just tottaly syncronized with already existed.


    Author Reply

    this is what plays in my sleep paralysis


  • 9:20 holds a special place ♥

  • Malísima

  • 6:21 Tails & Bela Lion Cub Got Locked In The Dungeon With Chains In Their Wrists!

  • Pink floyd influence is notorius.

  • Hey, I think this video's information is wrong?
    Found the Genesis version track titles and FLAC download of the soundtrack is here.
    But that page only has 19 tracks, and there are 20 tracks in this audio stream. Still stumped.

  • thanks for uploading. wish i could download it

  • how the fuq u get past the octopus anyway

  • This game was scary. I never understood how to play it.

  • 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • I love 20:20 great game love ecco the dolphin and Blueglass

  • Almost sounds like hotline miami OST!!

  • Playing this game as a kid was the first time I ever learned how to cope in extremely high pressure situations.

  • This is very nostalgic for me

  • I'm kinda on edge after listening to this.

  • This stimulates all the right parts of my brain.

  • 37 minutes in they simulate pitch harmonics in that alien song. My God they're amazing

  • When you realize the various swells and instruments are big blue, sharks, dolphins, etc and each track tells a story

  • This inspires terror but I love it

  • is this boards of canada

  • 9:21 that "lost in a desolate and lonely world" feel is amazing..

  • its wild that they were able to make this with the genesis audio chip

  • AGES

  • 9:21 I've spent hours listening to this song trying to figure out what to do. It never got annoying.

  • I love this game never finished it