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What’s Under The Blanket is a simple classroom guessing game that students aged 3-4 absolutely love.

It was submitted by Debbie and is the 6th finalist in the Super Simple Contest. The winning game will receive the entire Super Simple Songs catalogue courtesy of Super Simple Learning.

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  • In English!
    So demanding

  • Game👍

  • Such a fascinating video! It is really interesting! Thank you so much for publishing these wonderful tips for young learners or even for adults too.

  • Nice idea!
    I've had success with a similar What's in my Bag? I fill a soft bag kids can't see through with my "daily items" like keys, a roll of toilet paper, a jump rope…etc. Kids feel the bag and guess what's inside with "Do you have….?" / etc.

  • Great videos! These will really help in my classrooms. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • thanks for sharing…I'm an English teacher in Mexico (preschool, elementary and junior high) and these videos are so useful for making classes different and dinamics. They are learning a lot!

  • thanks for this fantastic video! I will use this for our sunday school class! Great ESL! Godbless!