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One thing I like about old video games is the lack of any rationalization for the zany things happening in game. It’s possible I’m missing it, but, I there’s nothing on the box or in the manual for Fast Eddie that explains why Eddie is dressed in the swimwear of the early 1900s, or why he’s running and jumping around trying to grab floating prizes while avoiding these short creatures with blue shells called Sneakers. But it doesn’t matter! It’s just a fun little game.

I guess this would be inspired by the whole Donkey Kong running around on platforms climbing up ladders deal. Yeah. Except there’s no great ape, just a bunch of…Sneakers. Who are sneaking around.

I should’ve said in the video that the ladder placement seems to be random, which makes each game a little different. Neat.

Anyway, yeah. Doo doo doo, doo doo doo, nice and games….GAAAAMES!


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  • Cool channel here. I am subscribed now.  I found it looking up Fast Eddie in Google.  I heard of this Five Nights thing that has gone viral.  I am thinking of doing Five Nights of Fast Eddie for my Youtube.

  • @GameGirl36 They are fun machines, I was and am lucky to have one!

  • This is a nice game.

    By the way, on the Atari 2600 was a similar game called "Mr. T"

  • Oh man, that looks fun! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Gave up on Mark and his money train CGR awhile back, far prefer 'Nice '&' Games' 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

  • Fun looking game! I will keep an eye out for the 2600 version, since, well.. I don't know how to mess with these darn-fangled pieces of "hardware" people call "computers". 😉

  • I feel sorry for every cover artist trying to make visual sense out of most early Atari games. The rudimentary sprites gave way to plenty of weird scenarios, Duck Attack comes to mind. Still the games looks fun no matter how strange.

  • Fast Eddies artwork is kinda creepy! o_0
    looks like fun though. I love recycled Atari 2600 sounds….feel like i'm sitting in front of the woodgrain console again. ^_^

  • This video was fine. This video was nice. Nice and games.

  • Climbing ladders, collecting things, playing as a human whilst non-human things run around you…
    I think it's pretty clear where the Fallout series got its inspiration. 😀
    Another awesome review of a game that I'd otherwise be oblivious to; Thanks N&G and, for the record, Nice&Games reviews ALWAYS get watched before CGRHD videos on my account. No exceptions 🙂

  • Thanks, another great job by nice and games, this gives CGRHD a run for it's money :).