Flip Cup Tic Tac Toe | 6 Ways To Play Flip Tac Toe (Party Game)

We’ve combined Flip Cup with Tic Tac Toe to give you our original game, “Flip Tac Toe”! This fast paced game will change the way you play Flip Cup! If you want to add alcohol, you can simply put some in each cup and have players drink before they flip, or have the loser/losers drink after every round.

Here are the game rules:

1. Once a player has placed down a cup, they cannot move it. If a cup is accidentally moved, it must be placed back in its original position.

2. In the event of a Cat’s game (all squares filled without a winner), players may continue the game by stacking cups on top of the ones already on the board.

And a bonus one!
Don’t give in to the pressure! This game forces you to rush, causing you to make mistakes–as clearly seen in this video haha.
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