Game Doctor SF III / 超任博士 (Super Famicom – SFC – SNES – Super Nintendo)

Chinese (Hong Kong) spelling: 超任博士

Game Doctor SF 3 (Bung Enterprises)


NOTE: I’m not a collector. Just humbly showing these stuff I bought/played when I was a kid.



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  • Bootleg heaven!

  • HK and Taiwan invented many Cartridge-to-Disk solutions (of course, there are copyright infringement) for Nintendo/Famicom, Sega Mega Drive, PC Engine, etc in 1980s-1990s.

  • Oh….. I missed those time. I had Japanese SFC with FX-32 back then which is more expensive than the console haha.

    I believe that most of the games in my country (Thailand) were ordered from HK for copying to more disks for sell.

    Oh and one more thing, Do you know how to split the ROM for games which are bigger than 8M?


    Author Reply

    I found a game doctor for only 5 bucks. The adapter is not hard to get but how the F do ya connect it to a SNES or SCF? (I have both). WHat is the thing that goes in between called and where do I get it??

  • @sdutango So true!!

  • good old days~ love the clicking some of the floppy when it's loading. LOL

  • Will doctor sf working on pal super nintendo?

  • Man I love seein all this. Nice little collection man.

  • @captainhydao, I didn't play it. I guess Super Formation Soccer series was released in Europe as "Super Soccer", only one game. How many games are there in the serie for SFC?

  • awesome video i own a game doctor too

  • Is the last game Super Formation Soccer? Could you nowadays obtain new games in these floppy disk?

    Good stuff 😉