Game Over "Original Song"

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A re-run of a song I wrote last year,The songs called Game Over.
I had to leave the blooper with my sisters dog at the start, she always comes in when im on the guitar, she’s a rocker LOL.
Thanks For Watching . . .James . . .
© Copyright James Gould 2011, All rights reserved.
Any unauthorised broadcasting, public performance, re using, copying or re-recording will constitute an infringement of copyright.
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  • The main riff is awsome, the one before of what I believe to be the verse

  • Pure bad ass brother. You keep those horns up and keep rockin. Love it

  • just found this awesome but couldnt find download link

  • Im glad i came by to see this for the first time, im gonna say damn you rock man! its like youre an allstar unsigned hype, i believe in you man, i wish o had learned guitar long time ago, instead i worked on the Roland beatmachine .

  • Awesome man!!!

  • Fuck me runnin' bro!!! That's a nasty groove!!!! Keep rockin' your balls off!!

  • Wow! cool(^-^)

  • velvet revolver influence on this one 🙂

  • I agree, this one sucks im read doing it now

  • Nice playing James….But this doesn't have the bite of the original. Sure it's a better recording but its lost an edge the !st version had….Keep up the great work….:)

  • Basically Zakk Wylde pedals, overdrive, chorus and wah on a classic rock tone on the amp.

  • how you get that great sound? bro

  • I think he's in dropped C.

  • are you on whole step down tuning ?

  • Thanks dude 🙂

  • yo dude your song is bad ass! Rock on dude!

  • Sounds great!! Love the axe!! Just got through seeing Zayke and THC!!!

  • The solo was f*ing amazing mate! Even the camera was shaking…!

  • Got a wee "Slither" feel to it James. Superb!

  • You have more solid techinique and skill than just about any other youtuber of your style. i love all these videos

  • @hypermazz Thanks dude, if you need any advice on micing your amp let me know.

  • mateomateo

    Author Reply

    . Sounds great. I showed your videos to my dad, he says you should be famous. You have talent .Keep rockin Mateo (PS Finally I got my mic)

  • mateomateo

    Author Reply

    Dude, YOU ROCK

  • @skipstalforce Thanks mate

  • @Bucka90 Thanks dude 🙂

  • Keep writing like this. Send off a Demo. And you WILL be signed.

    Awesome track, just needs a few tweeks.

    Good louck

  • Awsome man , dogs cool too!