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GorkaMorka was going to have a video game made for the Dreamcast and PC back in the day! But sadly the company RipCord Games had trouble delivering it out to the public. So what happened?


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  • K-lebK-leb

    Author Reply

    Gorkamorka sounds like such an awesome concept. I'm surprised it wasn't that big in popularity, even back in its relevant years. I'm not so interested in playing the table-top D&D campaign-esque miniatures war game, but I would love a Gorkamorka video game.
    I can imagine it playing like a combination of old-school Fallout games and Dawn of War 2/Company of Heroes, rather than the Crash Tag Team Racing demo we got here (although death-racing minigames would be a welcome inclusion). I can imagine a lot of crafting as well, and overall mob customization.

  • This video makes me sad and wish for more ork games


  • The game-sport is seen today even, it’s influence definitely had an impact, even if just from the demo from years ago.

    Shit, PUBG mobile just updated a new game mode called RageGear. Driver, passenger, driver has autoguns and passenger has pick of weaponry for point defense or combined fire.

  • orangorang

    Author Reply

    Dont be d i g g a n o b

  • Admitly it does seem like a really fun concept.

    Just imagine being able to customize your ride and your orks? Imagine getting updated to include heavier rigs!

  • The most metal rocking creatures in all of fiction, the Orks.

  • Given that GW is pretty open with their licence, I think this could make a comeback.

  • We need a new ork game.

  • Why you must hurt me in this way?

  • Ultramarines are best marines


  • I wish we had a Pikmin style Ork game involving Gorkkamorkka.

  • Someone should make a game where a Psyker builds an army of Orks by Mindcontrolling Warbosses.

  • it really should have come out orks are one of the best for character and fun in the 40k universe and gorkamorka is still a fun game to play its like having a mad max gang but with orks

  • Will we ever get a true warhammer 40k work videogame?

  • Interesting to see how you got it running. I had a mess about with it some years back but had no luck getting it running on marginally more recent hardware. A Voodoo graphics driver makes sense, given the time period.

    Ideally I want to extract some of the concept art from the game files but I barely have any idea where to start.

  • And them a group of die-hard fans remake the game from the ground up with mods.

  • I really want a Necromunda computer rpg tbh. :-/

  • its such a shame that this game never came out :(….would have been way more fun than that stupid Double Dash.

    By the way do you know "Hellgate"? This was also a cancelled DC-Game. There is also a demo of it floating around, but it actually has a bit more content to show than Gorka Morka. Maybe you can cover this in one of your Future-Reviews 🙂

  • I really want a decent W40k game featuring primarily the Imperial Guard.

  • This game needs more dakka

  • Fire Warriors

  • yay, Game Den is here again! :v

  • hey zoran just wanted to tell you, this style of vid is great! id love to see more like this 😉

  • if you found this demo entertaining try the tabletop version.
    oh bear… you know not what fun you are missing…

  • Never even heard of this existing! Fantastic vid, Zoran.


  • How did I not know this existed

  • Woah would love to get my hands on the source for this game pretty sure I could finish it and improve it


  • Oh hey, I remember this game.
    I played the demo from a demo CD from some magazine that included such a CD.
    Now-a-days it just features a bunch of trial games, and not very good ones either. But before, they had some proper game demos.
    I miss the old days.

    I don't remember anything about steering not working. Maybe I should try it out again.
    I'd have to search around my home to find said CD though.

  • I would love a Deff Skwadron game.

  • The footage of that game has so many artefacts even the Blood Ravens couldn't steal them all.