Hashtag Blessed ft. hambinooo – chocoTaco PUBG Gameplay

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#chocoTaco ‘s Galaxy AKM skin is very pretty, did you know? It’s also good at killing bad mans, as evidenced by this hot drop in Military on #Erangel. Before long, the whole base is theirs. But apart from the Galaxy skin, the AK isn’t very good, so choco switches it out for a SCAR and tops his loadout off with an M24 cherry. The duo then take a bike and fight their way across the bridge to the mainland. They get kills. It is thrilling. After setting up in a compound close to center circle, choco puts his sniper to work. But when zone shifts away from them, our heroes must drive to a teeny tiny hut in center circle and defend it as if their lives depend on it. This they do, and do well. #PUBG

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Music: “DuDa” by Ian Post, from

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