Hashtag King tries to donate but the table can't take it! ♠ Live at the Bike!

Salomon Ponte, the “Hashtag King”, is known as the biggest d-bag in all of poker. He gambles, he fights, but all he really wants is to give away money!

Commentary by Wayne Chiang, Ryan Feldman, JJ De La Garza, and Drew Amato

Footage from February 28th – March 3rd 2017, 5-10-20 No Limit Hold ’em, Uncapped Buy in.

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Live at the Bike is the first and only regularly scheduled weekly webshow to feature a live poker cash game. Real people, playing real poker… uncut, unscripted, unedited, with expert commentary from top grossing poker pros who make their living playing the same games we feature on their own bankrolls.


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