#Hashtag the Game

Introducing #Hashtag the game! Do you love using hashtags? Well you’ll love this game then…

Get the largest number of followers by choosing the hashtags with the most posts within the 10 rounds. When the 10 rounds are over, each team can add up the followers on its ranking cards. The team with the most followers wins the game! Remember to find out what type of Instagrammer you are by the amount of followers you got:
36K or more followers = MEGASTAR
26K to 35K followers = CELEBRITY
16K to 25K followers = INFLUENCER
6K to 15K followers = POPULAR
0 to 5K followers = LOSER

To start the game the players are divided into 2 teams. Place the playing board so both teams can use the spinner; shuffle the ‘Image’ and ‘Subject’ Hashtag cards together and place them, in a pile, face down; put the hashtag marker into the ‘round 1’ slot. The team with the players who have the most Instagram followers starts.

In each round, a card is taken from the Hashtag Card deck and everyone plays. The winning
hashtag will get the score token relevant to its Instagram post ranking. The round marker is moved forward and the game goes on.

However a hashtag can’t be repeated during the game, neither can the same root of a hashtag that has already been used for example if you have used #Dachshund, you can’t later use #Dancingdachshund. Hashtags may be in any language.

The game includes 200 hashtag cards, 30 score tokens, 2 whiteboards, 2 markers with eraser, 1 game board with a spinner, 1 round marking tracker and a 1 minute hourglass.

The fantastic #Hashtag game is suitable 2+ players, aged 10+.

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