Hidden Valley Bunker – The Brotherhood of Steel, Mojave Chapter – Fallout New Vegas Lore

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  • Love oxhorn he’s fun talks through the options follows lore and by god maybe 2-3 ads for an hour long video
    Epicnate and the other Skyrim/fallout channels make clickbait videos and cram an ad every 3 minutes

  • Too bad they removed the option where with high speech and after doing the quests you could convince Mr House and Mc Namara to make a truce.

  • 42:20 don't you mean plasma rifle?

  • "And so the lockdown has been extended. To go outside would be the death of us all."

    Well, this is awkward now…

  • Everyone: This damn lockdown is the worst!

    Brotherhood of Steel: Hold my laser rifle

  • The mod ox uses for faces in New Vegas makes Elder McNamara look like Paul Harrell

  • Seeing this title I was hoping it was from fallout 4 in mass there is a boy Scout camp called hidden valley scout reservation.

  • There's actually a third way to enter the bunker which I discovered when replaying New Vegas on Xbox One the other week.
    If you come across one of the dead patrols while exploring the Mojave, before finding the Brotherhood of Steel, you can actually use the intercom at the bunker door to say the passcode you found on the dead member; which leads to unique dialogue with Ramos where the door opens and he walks out with two BoS Paladins fully armed and armoured. And he asks how you knew the passcode. It was so cool because I had forgotten a lot of the game it had been 10 years since I'd last played it and seeing these guys walk out pointing laser Gatling rifles at me shit me up in the best of ways.

  • I wish I new abt veronica before doing this

  • So im doing the mission with yes man when he tell you to go check everyone out and i sided with Hardin, joined, became Paladin, but i still cant ask them to stand with me nor can i tell yes man their on my side.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love how he misses every shot in VATS

  • At one point of helping Brotherhood, I got ambushed by the a-holes who follows Elder McNamara and worship him, I had horrible gear on and couldn't past a Speech line to save my life and my save file. See, I save the game every so often to avoid bugs, glitches, or being trapped in a loop. But I saved a LONG time ago before I went to the bunker, and the stupid auto-save trapped me at the ambush point. If I had KNOWN that I would had gotten ambushed like that, I would've save before talking with Elder McNamara with Veronica a second time. I was really pissed, but I had manage to get myself out of the situation and kill two of the a-holes, grab the gear, found out I need a Special Perk to use and gave the suit to Veronica instead. I seriously want to kill the other two, but backed out cause I just want to continue on with the mission.
    (Lesson here kiddos: "Prepare for the worst outcome or situation.")
    If you're wondering why Oxhorn isn't talking about this is because I encountered Veronica as I was making my way to New Vegas, and brought her along for help and she stopped me after witnessing NCR's power, and technology which made worried about her Clan and the state it is in and wanted me to bring her there. She talked to Namara and gave me a quest to help change his mind about the lockdown. When I came back the second time, he declined the truth, and Veronica was sad about this and told her that what I thought was best when she asked what she was going to do next and I told her figure out herself, cause it's not my choice, and she decided to stay with Brotherhood despite everything. That's when I got attacked by the men who stopped Oxhorn at the door that leads back to Level 1 of the bunker. Back at say, 23:18. Except none of them had a minigun on them when they attacked me. Surprisingly enough, I didn't get punished with infamy for killing two of out of the four. Maybe cause they attacked me first.

  • NarfNarf

    Author Reply

    I always fall asleep to your videos thank you

  • Anyone else notice that Elder Macnamara is sasuke? Makes his betrayal statement scary lmao

  • Wait aren't those the brother hood of the west that were mentioned in fallout 3?

  • alot of the voices dont match the characters … like black voices going to white charaters it looks funny .. and mismatched just in general

  • JamsJams

    Author Reply

    I didn't know you could shoot people in the sims

  • Elder Mcnamara is really Sasuke Uchiha

  • I turned the holotapes straight to Harden because I wanted a strong and prominent BoS. Wish I knew McNamara would lift the lockdown or be willing to come to terms with other factions. I considered the Yesman ending to be the only real ending because everyone else insisted on blowing up the BoS. NCR would get serious brownie points if that McNamara negotiations thing is true.

  • Ammo behind those doors with the rubble on left and right sides

  • both of these caved in room have ammo hidden in them

  • I'm watching in 2020 and I noticed elder McNamara's desk is off 17:44

  • LeTs FiNd OuT…..

  • BuT iS iT wOrTh iT

  • Fuck That McNamara he is as it were a Name I know He took people from State Mental Hospitals and sent them to Vietnam. In announcing Project 100,000, McNamara didn’t say anything about combat duty. He said the participants would
    gain valuable skills and self-confidence, which would help them get
    good-paying civilian jobs when they got out of the service. To hear him
    describe it, one would have thought the men were going off to school,
    not to war.
    From nearly the beginning of Project
    100,000, McNamara’s critics accused him of disguising its true
    objective: using the poor instead of the middle class for combat in
    Vietnam. The truth was more complex. McNamara had proposed Project
    100,000 two years earlier, seeing it as a way to contribute to the
    Johnson administration’s War on Poverty. In fact, the idea had been
    kicking around Washington before McNamara arrived on the scene.
    Its leading advocate was Daniel Patrick
    Moynihan, a sociologist who in 1976 would be elected to the U.S. Senate
    from New York. The best way to alleviate poverty in America, Moynihan’s
    argument went, would be to draft the hundreds of thousands of young men
    and women being rejected annually as unfit for military service. Take
    these young men—mostly inner-city blacks and poor, rural whites—and put
    them into uniform. Instill discipline. Train them to bathe daily,
    salute, and take orders. Teach them a marketable skill. After a couple
    of years, lazy, unmotivated slackers would be transformed into
    hard-working, law-abiding citizens. Moreover, the new generation of
    military recruits could then teach their children to be solid
    middle-class citizens, thus breaking the generation-to-generation
    continuity of poverty.
    Johnson and McNamara embraced Moynihan’s
    concept in 1964, two years before Project 100,000 was launched. Secret
    White House recordings captured a conversation in which Johnson said
    that he wished the military could be persuaded to take the “second-class
    fellow,” adding: “We’ll…teach him to get up at daylight and work till
    dark and shave and bathe.…And when we turn him out, we’ll have him
    prepared at least to drive a truck or bakery wagon or stand at a gate
    [as a guard].”
    McNamara told LBJ that uniformed officers
    in the Defense Department were opposed to drafting such men because
    “they don’t want to be in the business of dealing with ‘morons.’ They
    call these ‘moron camps’ now, inside the [Pentagon]. The army doesn’t
    want to be thought of as a rehabilitation agency.”

  • Mfw the bortherhood situation is he world irl rn

  • The second bunker you found , If you walk trough the collapsed construction to the right, you can find 2 mini nukes. Looks like you cant walk in there, but you can a bit

  • The second bunker if you squeeze hard enough you can get into a small patch in the back of the room with a mini nuke on the floor

  • 17:58 Lockdown? Everyone going outside will die? Elder McNamara predicted Covid-19 😱

  • That moment when literally all factions in the game want you killed.

    Hell even the fiends don't have that many enemies, how are people unironically supporting glorofied raiders?

  • Its 4am I'm watching new Vegas vids and listening to an sob drive down my street blasting his horn gta style for fuck sakes! Lol

  • fallout 3 was my first FO game so im a B.o.S fanboy with tattoo too boot.. i want all the best for them and every playtrue of NV i always leave the elder in charge so i can make peace with NCR. the lore has them loosing to many people to them anyways..
    and killing the van grafs is just silly when u can go murder Super mutants 😀