"Hitman 2: Silent Assassin", HD walkthrough (Professional), Mission 7 – Hidden Valley

Full walkthrough of the PC game “Hitman 2: Silent Assassin” (released in 2002) on the hardest game difficulty (Professional), Mission 7 – Hidden Valley. The game was played by me with flawless free flow completion of the missions with “Silent assassin” rating. Stealth gameplay style was used where it was possible. All the scenario scenes and dialogues were included in the video, from the intro of the game till the credits at the end, hence the watchers can understand the storyline of the game. Enjoy watchingratingcommenting the video. Have a nice day.

Link to the whole playlist:

PC specifications for this walkthrough:
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit)
CPU: Intel i7 920 2.8 GHz
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R (rev 1.6)
Graphics Hardware: ATI Radeon Sapphire 5870 1Gb
Memory: Corsair 6 GB DDR3
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 220T
Hard Drive: Seagate 500 GB
Mouse: Logitech G500
Mouse pad: SteelSeries QcK (Large)
Keyboard: Razer Lycosa
Headset: Steelseries Siberia


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  • I finished this mission by getting inside the truck..the most easiest mission

  • I played this game more than 12 years ago but i feel like i kiiled the guard at 3:03 and yes most of other guards as well. I used to kill guards even after finishing all objectives. I feel like charles manson after watching this gameplay.

  • This is the worst level ever really in hitman i was attacked by ninjas with swords the kill you in 3secs But thanks Zevik it works be proud men thanks i am praying it in 2020 that's funny but it is a good game.

  • This mission took me and my cousins 4 weeks to get right

  • Why do you carry a crossbow,if you don't have to use it?

  • I used to kill all hostiles in the game without an alert its fun. Ghost rating.

  • When I used to play this game I always used to kill all enemy.because I didn't understand the way to play this game.though I never tried professional level.

  • There is another way to do it.use anaesthetic on the guard near crossbow,wear his clothes and get into the the 2nd(or 3rd just dont remember).get out of the truck. Because in the next one there will be check up

    The use ladder to get up.use next ladder to come down again. Get in the truck again.

    Silent assassin 😍

  • Worst mission ever.

  • That first guard, by the cross bow. How the hell do you do it?… If I don't kill him, I never get to the manhole, he always sees me when I try to pass as he takes his turn toward the truck. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. NO. MATTER. WHAT…..

  • so at 8:26 guards were alerted, why? Is it because truck? Because, truck passed him several times before and he didn't trigger alert, is it a bug or game just randomly popped this message? Yes he was running but if some enemy spotted him they would run to him immediately

  • My game doesnt have the red lights on their visors

  • Good thing there are somehow no drivers in any of the trucks, because they would've seen you.

  • Like this comment if yo got hit by one of the trucks in this mission!!!!!!

  • Not hard but boring as fuck.

  • Respect for your skills 👍

  • ch282ch282

    Author Reply

    7:48 when i do this, there is no truck to block the view, and the guard always starts shooting when i try to sneak past. it all seems so random. sometimes the truck is there, sometimes it's not, sometimes it even ran over a guard, putting everyone on alert.

  • p1tp1t

    Author Reply

    hitman 2 is a great game and it has some missions that i didn't really like however this one wasn't one of them even tho it was very very hard

  • I chose another path for playing (not the tunnel, through the valley) gave me nightmares for life..most scariest mission..I'd sneak behind a tree or wall or something and move slightly to aim at the sniper in the castle and wait patiently..the music would dim and all i hear is my breathing…and when I'd shoot..I'd miss..and a warning would pop : "sniper has acquired target" and I'd be like..fuck..fuck fuck..and I'd run like a bitch to hide….this game got into my feels and made me living the mission in real….thanx to the creators and jesper jyd for the incredible music.

  • 5:14 Too close.

  • Думаешь всё под контролем,уже у конца туннеля и херакс,Охрана обнаружила мёртвого члена.Охрана подняла тревогу.Охрана ищет подозрительного Ниндзю.

  • Dark

  • sure its easy if the game actually works. my trucks are stuck so i cant get past 1st checkpoint cuz truck never comes

  • YAME! YAME !

  • I hated this mission

  • DoT.DoT.

    Author Reply

    those guys saw me through fucking walls n shit

  • One of the most boring and stressful missions in gameplay history and people say Operation Matchwood in Ghost Recon Wildlands is bad, try this sweetheart and those guards and snipers really look like Splinter Cells!!

  • I managed to get aboard one of the trucks after the second side-bunker without getting spotted. It saves a lot of effort, but this mission is so glitchy that I don't think it's a safe strat.

  • muito bom. Mas bem que podia ser em tupi guarani.

  • Yeah looks like I'm gonna be more John Wick than James Bond on this one

  • i think the player might have enabled "god mode" or "invisibility"…. otherwise in this mission, it is not that easy to simply walk through that too without disguise, as if you are just strolling in a lawn.

  • Great game if the game use hitman contracts gameplay.

  • How did u run past the sniper like that dawg lol

  • Man you're a ghost

  • Yeah it iz a pain in tha ass,but if U crossbow one of the tower guards he'll drop his Silenced Sniper Rifle and you can kick everyone's ass Boom

  • Ohhh that mission, memories come to me, around 2007 when I played this game for the Silent Assassin Rank, and its really hard, I could own that Rank, about infinite times to resart the mission. The best and the most difficult Hitman ever (this mission is an ass)

  • they are finding a body that i did not kill!

  • you are awesome man

  • If I ever beat this game it must be because I just killed everyone.

  • Can they BE any blinder?

  • You try to keep it quiet, and don´t kill the enemies, and then BOOM, the fucking stupid truck runs over the piece of crap ninja fucker, and you´re fucked without even knowing.


  • Hardest mission in the whole game

  • I play this game on PS3 and you can not use the binoculars with the zoon, how do you do it?


  • if u r having problem see my vid EASY METHOD

  • No matter what I do that sniper immediately finds me and I followed exactly what you did in the beginning

  • amazing ♥♥

  • Most stupid Hitman mission ever. Until some of the Absolution missions succeeded them of course.