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Home Gym Tour

Welcome to our Home Gym !! I wanted to give you guys a full tour and a little view into where I workout every day.

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Bands :
Heavy Band :
Ladder :
Sweet Sweat Band :
Sweet Sweat :
Kettle Bells : On it
Bike : Peloton

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  • Monkey bar thing😂😂😂😂

  • Omg this is home gym goals! How much did this whole setup cost and how long did it take for you to build the gym?

  • okay i’m jealous af now.

  • Your husband owns a nice gym and he owns a nice house

  • Crossbox?
    Power rack.

  • Your gym is awesome and Carl is super cute.

  • may i know the dimensions of your home gym..thnx nice video

  • Great video, just sold my home and looking for another and want to build my own home gym now. I have got caught for 3 months without a gym because of COVID! You have given me some great ideas! Thank You!

  • That's a home built inside a gym.

  • She has a home gym but can only squat the bar….

  • Where did she get that unit under the TV ?

  • what is the point of safety guards when you have full rack?

  • I GI G

    Author Reply


  • Nice home

  • Do you know the dimensions of the gym roughly? In feet?

  • K BK B

    Author Reply

    Man your husband/boyfriend/sugar daddy really hooked you up! We all know you don't make the $$$$, luckily you're
    sort of hot

  • One of the best and neatest setup. whats the size of your home gym. I mean what part of the home you have used to make the gym and its square footage?

  • Any treadmill suggestions ?

  • Nice video… Where did you get the climbing guys from..

  • Narcissist to the core. What the hell is that in her eyes

  • Ooooh my Gosh this is incredible l will truly have this if l work hard

  • Not ideal for everyone who lives in a normal size house lol

  • it's an ewok dog :3 so cute

  • Very nice gym

  • Spettacolo

  • Must be nice 😤😤😤😤

  • No clue why this popped up in my list of videos I might want to watch, except that it’s fitness related BUT damn that is a great home gym workout space you guys have.

  • Okay, i should get back to work and earn money…

  • That's at least 10gs worth

  • Can I come over and workout


    Author Reply

    This is why Americans are so depressed. They have too much

  • I thought ud talk about equipment, not colors…… women……

  • Bonjour très belle home gym 👍👍💪
    Est que tu as ( ou la communauté ) déjà commandé du materiel ( disque en grande quantité, haltères , machines ) sur Alibaba ? [[ malheureusement beaucoup de matos vient de Chine…..]]
    Si oui merci de communiquer le fournisseur et le type de materiel acheté….Je pense que je ne suis pas le seul à me poser ce type de questions. Cela serait sympa de partager les informations 😁😁🤗

  • Great Gym, I'll be starting my very own home gym in a few months I can't wait, no more gym memberships for me!!!!!!

  • 3:30 is when finally the gym tour begins.