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Complete in-depth tour of my home gym that I’ve been putting together over my last 4 years of high school!!
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  • Lied not on Craigslist

  • Can we talk about how Ryan got god tier deals …..

  • $800!, more like $8,000+nowadays 😅Great set up,Thanks for sharing👍

  • The only down side is no exhaust (no window).

  • Now, one million dollars!

  • So how old are you now?

  • Similar to how I’m
    Building mine in my basement

  • 3:58 hole in the wall. Looks like you may have over extended. Nice home gym 👍

  • Nice home gym. Just started when my kettlebells, bands, sliders. I can’t wait to get some stuff post Covid 19 when people be selling their stuff. lol

  • Lucky you’re set up pre-pandemic 😂 hey you said you could basically do everything w dumbbells – i just ordered Powerblock dumbbells up to 70lbs, and am looking for an adjustable bench. Do you think I need a power cage/barbell or can I do well with just those?

  • Nice set up we have something similar check us out

  • That’s a dumb shirt besides that nice video!

  • Craigslist is price gauging like crazy right now due to corona and everything being closed. I was going to buy a ton of equipment a few months ago and didnt and I regret it soooo much. Things were literally half priced a few months ago.

  • I payed as much as half of that gym for like 300 pounds of Walmart weights

  • I started building my home gym right before corona and only managed to get dumbbells and a barbell before the prices skyrocketed

  • Nice home gym. I would ditch the dumbbells and get an Ironmaster kit instead

  • This video was ahead of its time

  • Love the Arnold poster…

  • Big video bro… Super like…

  • This is an amazing home gym setup , looking forward to use in our basement as well. Sharing this with other friends as well!

  • may i know your home gym dimensions in feet please.. Many thanks

  • Hi there, your home gym is really nice.

  • keep your fucking head on the bench when benching!!!!!!!!!

  • No way you got this all for that cheap

  • Oh damn wish I did this before.

  • Damn I wish I had done this before everyone started overpricing on craigslist and facebook marketplace.

  • Oooh so hot guy… This video would be better if u do it without T shirt.

  • do you still live at home with your parents ?

  • Sweet gym..
    Mine is not as clean and organized…its great you have the space in your home…good stuff.

  • Nice men

  • Are you training on carpet?

  • I like that, it's in the direction that I will go when the price in the used market will be more reasonable.

  • what model is that bench can’t find it (did it come with the leg curl/extension piece)

  • https://youtu.be/an4nDKMlhMY

  • Boring video,not nicely made,where are the ropes,tyres,pull up bar💪🏻💪🏻

  • Jay NJay N

    Author Reply

    It sucks right now man.. can't find ANYTHING on the classifieds unless you want to pay double what things are worth. Completely sucks. Cheapest rack I have seen in the last 3 weeks was like 500$ amd it was some generic off brand thing. Can't even find an adjustable bench. I had to build a damn power rack oit of wood. I did get somewhat lucky and found like 800lbs of plates in the first week of everything and it was still a good deal. Now there's slim pickins

  • This is the Luckiest kid on earth, he bought an entire gym for under $1,000

  • What should be the minimum space(in sqft) required for a home gym?

  • No more good deals on craigslist..obviously…lol

  • 3:53 Don't shave your armpits 🤨

  • Seeing these prices in comparison to craigslist prices now is making me cringe

  • TommyTommy

    Author Reply

    now this a smart home gym built!

  • not weight? low home gym