How to make a flash game trainer in VB6

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My video can be used to make a trainer for almost any flash game.

What you need:

1) A flash game
2) Sothink SWF Decompiler
3) VB6


1) get the swf url found in the source code of the webpage the game is on
2) put the url in the place where I put it on my vid
3) capture the game with sothink swf decompiler
4) type the code with the variable you want
5) play your game


If you have any confusion just watch the video. If you want to do this with another game, the only thing that will be different is the swf url and the variable that you want to change. Just look through the code sothink gives you for a variable, then use vb to change it. Goodluck! If you have any questions comment on my video and I will answer them as soon as I possibly can.


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  • how do get to view then source i have windows 7 please help

  • lol i have maked many game trainers!! 😀

  • Where do you download Visual Basic 6?

  • is it possible to access/change the events on buttons of that flash, using

  • @leptictidiums will you please make me a trainer for a certain game, because i am getting confused with swf decomplier, it doesn't show the in game stuff that i can search for codes in.

  • hey do u have the full version of sothink?

  • I like this kind of game … Good Work

  • If your internet is on Protected Mode, turn it Off. That may be the problem to why its not saving the file.

  • JezioJezio

    Author Reply

    game doesnt load o.o

  • Work With Stick RPG?

  • okat i hav no i dea what to do in the vid either….

  • tittiez

  • GiinGiin

    Author Reply

    5/5 nice worked 100%

  • wat button do i check off

  • Hello people i have the new FLASH variables need some PM me im still workin on some

    I DONT HAVE the member one Yet tho

    but it dont do anything anyway

  • HuftHuft

    Author Reply

    I did and i saved it to my desktop and i clicked save again and it said like overrite and i did and it still wasnt there

  • HuftHuft

    Author Reply

    Wtf my swf file dont save when i click save

  • Wolf.Wolf.

    Author Reply

    how do you do that with the swf decompiler???