Linea is a new a Steam game along the lines of Super Hexagon or Rflex. I beat all 4 stages in this video because that’s just how we do things here at EVW.

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  • IckieIckie

    Author Reply

    He thinks hes on the Tutorial but if you look hes done that already and hes actually on the second level from the start of this Video!^^sigh…

  • I remember when someone uploaded the OST of this game. I actually liked them… Until they were removed…

  • VixVix

    Author Reply

    boktipset från helvetet xD hahhahha

    its only for phones, tho

  • #EricIsSwedish at 5:11. I am Swedish btw

  • Eyyyyyyyyyyy theres a DLC out called broken chiptunes, its pretty cool and much harder than the first levels :p

  • JeshkJeshk

    Author Reply

    I was BLOWN AWAY because it looked impossible and I was like "how the hell is he doing that?!?!" And then I realized I was watching on double speed xD

  • One letter off being my character's name in every game I play; Linnea :3

  • " there's white stuff in the middle, I'm talking about an orio guys sheesh"
    Cringes then wishes I was as funny as EVW.

  • giullgiull

    Author Reply

    linea is the italian name for line =) so i think the second pronunciation is more correct 😉

  • Eric's pronunciation of the level names is so fucking funny. XD

  • H3L1H3L1

    Author Reply

    You should play piano tiles 2 it get's really hard after a bit

  • Every time he's say "Hyper Speed/At the Speed at Light."

  • Ahhhh someone was listening to Weird Al. 😀 Love that man!

  • "I like beating things!" Ericccccc 😮

  • Geeze la bomb da beez

  • You didn't beat the game. The tutorial is still missing! Don't ignore the poor tutorial, Eric! Don't!

  • I like when Eric plays these games and sometime rages. Anyone else miss Benson and when he did challenges?

  • a swedish game for sure 😉 xD

  • What about finishing the last level of RFLEX though? 😛

  • Even if you don't do the csgo you are still one of my favorite youutubers ever, soooo funny. Keep up the good work

  • The games name is not line-a or line-ea its like the name linea cuz this game is swedish cuz lvl 1 and 2 has Swedish names

  • Y U know videos (Sorry for bad grammar, I have a very good one)
    Why you have no videos? (Better?)

  • gg

  • Play csgo mate

  • come here u sexy thing 😘😳😍😋😗😙😊

  • "All Levels COMPLETE" Nope. You didn't do the tutorial.

  • Eric Van Wilderman, has anyone ever told you that you sound like Gonzo from the Muppets when you freak out? XD

  • You in Korea now?