Longplay of Pitfall: The Lost Expedition

Longplay of Pitfall: The Lost Expedition, played as the NTSC version on the GameCube. This game’s version was released on Feb. 20th, 2004. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below:

0:02:14 – Jaguar Battle
0:05:27 – Part 01: Finding the Flares
0:13:18 – Part 02: Welcome to the Jungle
0:30:36 – Part 03: The Rescue Mission Begins
0:41:35 – Part 04: A Torch to Light the Way
1:15:29 – Part 05: Extending the Olive Branch
1:19:21 – Part 06: A Princess in Danger
1:26:24 – Part 07: The Royal Welcome
1:32:11 – Part 08: Into Hostile Territory
1:49:02 – Part 09: The Snowy Mountains Await
2:03:22 – Part 10: The Search for the Caverns
2:26:18 – Part 11: The Mission Gets Personal
2:47:48 – Part 12: A Fork in the ROad
3:07:44 – Part 13: Revisiting Old Haunts
3:16:40 – Part 14: The Mystery Deepens
3:32:10 – Part 15: A Desperate Plan
3:54:10 – Part 16: The Road to El Dorado
4:02:24 – Boss: Jaguar
4:05:48 – Final boss: Pusca
4:11:25 – Ending
4:14:37 – Credits


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  • The Pitfall games go WAY back. It was originally released on the Atari 2600 (we have a longplay up on the channel) and there's even an easter egg of this game to be played at 46:30.

    I wouldn't have thought that such an old game would ever be released for a newer system.. but there's ofcourse many more franchises just like that. Most popularly the Mario games.

    Anyway, it's a fun platforming game with quite a bit of rope swinging. The combat isn't very special but there's not a whole lot of fighting in the game fortunately.

    The whole game is basically a big map where you constantly have to backtrack and explore new paths that are accessible with the items you find throughout your journey. Fortunately the game is split up in 16 chapters so that made it easy for me to timecode.

    You can find collectibles throughout the game which you can use to upgrade your health with or other things. They are definitely worth collecting but I didn't go out of my way to collect ALL of them as it involves alot of backtracking. However, finding them all unlocks another retro Pitfall game to play.. but I didn't' feel like that was worth showing off as we'll have our own full longplay of that game on the channel someday anyway.

  • Saldades desse jogo

  • I hope this game gets a remaster or a remake, at least be backward compatible with Xbox Series X ( you cuz they do this often)

  • FrozeFroze

    Author Reply

    Why there is no comeback of this game since there was a lot of people who liked it like me as i can see in the comments section. This is the type of game that forged my taste in gaming. But today i can't find the sensation i had as a child… I remember myself trying to finds easter eggs and hidden secrets that wasn't even existing but idk why i kept searching in any spot of the game some rare things. Now that i overuse internet i know that these things i imagined doesn't exist and i can't help but getting bored in today video games…

  • This franchise desperately needs a sequel.

  • Nostalgic AF… I feel really sad seeing this again..

  • I remember my childhood days ☺😭😭😭😭

  • I remember I got so frustrated as a kid I couldn’t get past a certain part so I sold it to GameStop for probably like 80 cents 😂💀 just got it again so I’ll have to see how it is again

  • Watching this in 2020…..brings back so many memories 😭

  • I just found this among my old games and had to look it up on YouTube to get some memories back. Definitely nostalgic. I mean I'm 23 now, it had to be like 15 years ago I was playing this as a kid. I remember thinking it was too mature for me between him trying to get with the girl, and the violence of beating the monkeys, and I think I remember some crude humor with the one snotty asshole dude… (I've only watched a few minutes of the video). Also pretty funny how worse the graphics are than what you remember as a kid

  • This game was like a Uncharted/jak and Daxter mix😍

  • Best game ever

  • This game is my childhood, i wish i could play it again

  • A masterpiece

  • My very first uncharted befor the uncharted series ever happened

  • I played this 2007 maybe im not sure i was a kid, i feel nostalgtic now 🙁

  • One of the best videogames I played as a Kid

  • It was cool. I saw the end of the game at last. Thank you!

  • Kevin mcalister home alone

  • 58:00 how?

  • omg this was magic to me…I fell inlove with it, the adventure and the characters. The nostalgia.

  • They say black ops 4 zombies storyline comes from pitfall

  • which on is better ps2 or gamecube version?

  • 1:53:30
    Corona virus has me like

  • This game 😍❤️. Part of my childhood.

  • You accomplished in 4 hours what my 8 year olds self did in 2 years.

  • Childhood game ❤️🤘🏼

  • I really do wish they'd make an adventure game like this again

  • I used to play this with my brother when I was really young. He’s going to college and I’m thinking about beating the game with him one last time