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Lose 10 Pounds In One Week – 7 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Welcome to this intensive 7-day weight loss challenge! This is a 22-minute video workout designed to help you burn 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in a week.

This is not a guarantee of course but by doing this exercise training everyday you will definitely see results on your body.

That’s because the exercises are selected in a way to include strength exercises (lower, upper body and core) but also full-body cardio exercises.

This will help build a small caloric deficit in your body, and if you keep your nutrition in order then you should see fat loss results in 7 days.

About nutrition – don’t stress too much over it. I recommend you follow just 2 simple rules:

1. Stay away from sugar 🍰🍫🍦🍭
2. Stay away from grains 🍪🍕🍞🍔

The rules are simple to follow but you need to follow them strictly.

So start doing the workout everyday for a week and update me in the comments with what result you are getting!

Make sure to also subscribe to the channel to receive new video workouts regularly: everyday Monday to Friday!

Good luck and let’s begin the challenge!!!💪❤️

Nguồn: https://77days.net/

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  • Profile:
    Age ~ 14
    Height ~ 163cm (5’4)
    Weight ~ 56.6kg (125lbs)

    Short term ~ lose 1kg in a week
    Long term ~ lose 6 kg in a month +

    Track: starting Sun 12th July

  • Height:5'0
    Weight: 89
    Goal: 60-70
    I will be doing this once a day!
    I will, eat less junk food, mostly fruits and veggies, and sleeping early!

  • Doing this for a week

    Starting weight: 150lb
    Height: 5”2
    Goal: 145lb

    Day 1: exhausted and sweaty. Had a whole bunch of sweets before the workout. I think this is worst than Chloe tings workouts
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

    *Notes/tips: on the first day I only had pancakes and I walked a mile then I had a sugar craving so I ate some sweets then I did this workout. So eat more than one meal a day or else you’ll want sugar. Also during the first week I was on my period so I do not recommend doing that cause it is very painful (cause of cramps). 😖

  • I'm doing this to lose weight before a physical because I don't want to be scared of them anymore.
    Age: 13
    Height: 5' 4"
    weight: 180 lbs
    Goal weight: 120 lbs
    Day 1: I am so so SOOOO out of shape. My head hurts. I'm going to chug water and take a freezing cold shower.

  • I am just 12 but I am 47
    My goal is 35
    Starting From 13/7/20
    Hope it works 😊

  • I’m starting this today I’ll update 🙂. Age 13 Starting weight: 195 goal weight: 160

  • I want to try this, I'm starting tomorrow I will update, wish me luck!!! I want to lose 15 pounds👍

  • Is it fine if you miss a day

  • How many calories do we burn with this?

  • This doesn't work… Rest time is big

  • This works i lost 18 kg in 6 days. I do this 4 times a day

  • Thank you so much Roberta I lost 5 pound in 1 month😘 thank you roberta I use to weigh 125 now I weight 120

  • ur workout routine is so helpful

  • I did this and my legs HURT SO BADDDDDDDDDDDDDD I did this twice a day (I completed half in the morning and half at night) And I lost 13 pounds! Thank you so much 😭❤

  • my moms friends and family always fat shame me . I’m gonna show them how great i am and prove them wrong .

  • deenodeeno

    Author Reply

    Let do this dee! Just for a week!

    Day 1- 67.8kg (damn worst weight ever)

  • So I’m gonna do this workout for two weeks💖
    My weight the beginning: 77.9
    Day 1:
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 7:
    My weight now :
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:

  • Starting weight:60 kgs
    Goal:45 kgs
    ✨Day 1:✔️
    ✨Day 2:
    ✨Day 3:
    ✨Day 4:
    ✨Day 5:
    ✨Day 6:
    ✨Day 7:

  • Current weight: 109 Ibs Goal: 75-80 Ibs Height- 5’3. I’m doing this for 5 months I’ll keep you updated ! (I also am not gonna have anything extra like snacks, I’m just gonna have water breakfast and dinner 🤗 and fruit sometimes :). Day 1- I did the whole thing and almost passed out – I didn’t eat anything but water 🙂

  • Height:6,0
    I will do this everyday till I get to 160. Because I’m trying to start boxing. And school is starting on august 17th. I’m hoping I can lose a couple pounds before then and look different at least. Plus I’m walking for about an hour and burning 500 calories right after doing this workout everyday. I will update u guys at the end of my journey. Wish me luck 💙

  • RafaRafa

    Author Reply

    Weight: about 60kg/132pounds (I haven't weighed myself in a long time, so I don't know my real weight)
    Goals: at least 55kg
    Height: 1,66/5'5

    Day-1: I couldn't finish the workout cuz I injured my legs, but I'll try again tomorrow. I'm reeeeally sweaty 🙁

    Day-2: I DID IT. It was easier than yesterday but it still hard.

    Day-3: COMPLETED. It was kinda easy. My legs aren't hurting anymore and I don't feel that tired. I'm so proud of myself 🌟
    I will try to update everyday. Remind me if I forget.

  • Ok I am gonna try this I'm not very good at sticking to things so I hope I can this time. I will update every day.
    Day 1:
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  • I am 13 and lost over 25 pounds thank you this video!!

  • If yall need extra motivation or excitement during the workout I suggest music. The best way is to have another youtube tab open and mute the workout and play your music. It really helped me.

  • I will update you guys in 4 days

  • Day one i feel so tired

    Day to same thing
    Day 3

    Day 4 i feel fine

    Day 5:

    Day 6:

    Day 7:

  • Okayy I'll start & actually keep y'all updated.

    Starting weight : 200 lbs
    Goal : 170 lbs


  • I don't have a scale bc my parents just don't feel like getting one but I know I'm about 160-170 so.. I'm tryna be 100 by September. So that means if i actually do lose 10 a week I'll lose 40 a month which means I'd be 130 by the end of the month. By September I'll be 90 which is SKIIIINNNYYY ykyk..
    Day 1: paused sooo many times OMG. Planking is hella slow so I sped it up lmao. Tired and I hate thisss but I'mma keep going also my annoying ass parents kept getting in my way they don't know I'm working out.
    Did it! Exhausted but I am doing great so far. I'm changing my ways in food. 3-5 water bottles a day, eat light portions of food every 4-6 hours and eat small plates. Less junk and stuff. Also weight loss subliminals and hypnosis.
    Day 2: I didn't start yet but I woke up sore. But my clothes do feel looser.
    I DID IT. I was sore but I pushed through. I didn't skip anything or speed anything up like planks. The planking actually got easier. Sweating like a pig!! I stopped a lot to take breaks through.. Feel like a lost a pound but idk. Can't wait to be even sorer if that's a word
    Day 3: LEGS ARE SOOOOORE I CAN BARLEY WALK IT HURTS BUT ILL TRY!!! Guys I can't I can barely walk it hurts so badly. My everything hurts. I'm gonna take this as a rest day and tomorrow I'm going to do it. I'm also eating a little more which isn't good.. I usually eat nothing all day until dinner but yesterday I ate cheese it's which isn't good.

  • welp time to try this out since i literally gained 10 pounds over quarantine starting: weight:134LB height:5’2 age:12 goal: weight:115LB okay here we go on day 1:complete

  • This workout is easy but judging from the comments seems effective. I’m on day 2 I’ll update you guys at the end of the week


  • lets try it
    wt- 60 kg
    height -5'1
    day 1= complete

  • July 7, 2020
    Weight: 88.90 kg
    Height: 160 cm
    Age: 15 years old
    Time frame: a month
    I'm gonna update in 5 days whether there's a change in measurements and weight
    Btw, I feel like I'm gonna faint
    Update: its been two or three days I think and I weigh 88.10 kg

  • Iam started this every morning week 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♀️