MACHINE HEAD – Game Over w/ Solo and TAB Guitar Cover


Great song from the new Machine Head album Bloodstone and Diamonds, Full Cover w/ Solo. I learned it by ear and I tried to be as accurate as possible, I hope you enjoy !

Download Tabs here :
Guitar Pro :

The tuning for Game Over is C# Standard
Nouvelle musique de Machine Head, Game Over vient de leur nouvel album Bloodstone and Diamonds. Je l’ai appris à l’oreille et j’ai essayé d’être le plus juste possible


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  • Great cover dude🔥🤘🏿🍺

  • Brutal!!

  • I'm looking for an instrumental version of this song -_-

  • DUDE!!! You fucking nailed it!!!! Fucking awesome!!!! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • …que grande, chaboooooon!!!!….si tenes algun amigo Argentino, que te explique. Pulgares arriba!!!!!!!

  • could you do a tutorial on Imperium by machine head please? or the song Rammstein? which ever one is fine, it would be greatly appreciated!! great covers by the way

  • nice! you nailed it 😀

  • Do you by chance have anything for imaginal cells?

  • Nice made dude! Im wondering if the main riff ist really played just in down picking and not alternate… I mean it would be way slower movement and for me its actually easier to play but do you think it sounds different? I can't find any difference while playing it alternate picked… thanks for the tabs anyway and rock on!

  • For shitsakes, start playing your 5th chords with your first & third fingers. That first & fourth finger nonsense looks inefficient as hell. WOW. (great cover, though)

  • Lots of edits but better than me still

  • nice doing with tabs, really appreciate it. About the video – too bad u didnt record sound when playing it. Looking @ your vid im sure u can make a decent cover. Make use of these pickups 🙂

  • Nice job 😊

  • Fantastic cover great job!

  • super boulot!!!

  • Dude you are the f'ing man for this! My favorite song on the album hands down

  • Tu as l'oreil assez juste je dirais, impressionnant félicitation, surtout dans un si court laps de temps!!

  • adam would be proud of it 😀

  • Nice down picking man! m/ Great cover m/m/

  • how to your record your guitar really want toknow ? 

  • Good work dude.
    That song is one of my fav from new album.

  • Sounds awesome man!! 🙂

  • Very well done m/  … and thanx for the Tabs !!! 🙂

  • cool !! t assure grave , bravo mon pote .

  • thanks for the tabs and for night of long knifes tabs and cover

  • DomelDomel

    Author Reply

    Nice one 😀
    Favourite Track from the Album m/

  • Bro, can u explain how u transcribing?
    I'm stuck on some parts, and can't transcribing  it due to vocal, give some tips, how to remove vocal or just explain how u did this?
    For example – part after solo, it's hard to transcribe 🙁

  • good job!

  • Hey awesome cover, I think you are the first in youtube. Did you learn it by ear? I want to learn this song but couldnt find tabs 😐