Making a BEAST of a Controller Stand – First epoxy attempt!

Making a gaming controller stand, even though girls aren’t videogames.

– LED-controller:
– RGB LED-strip (I couldn’t find 120 LEDs/meter, so this one’s 60):
– 4 pin connector:
– X-connector:
– RGB cables:
– Heat shrink tube:
– Power supply:
– Oak wood, 2 cm thick
– Acrylic glass, 6mm thick
– Epoxy resin
– Black spray paint
– RGB LED-strip with individually addressable diodes and 144 LEDs/meter (I didn’t use it here, but it could look pretty cool too. PS: 5V!):

– Soldering iron:
– Hot glue gun:
– Router
– Coping saw (handheld & electric)
– Heat gun
– Jigsaw
– Circular saw
– Hand planer
– Files and sandpaper
– Wood glue and epoxy glue

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  • 1.50 hand of blood outro 👌

  • Shes beutifull XD

  • DrewDrew

    Author Reply


  • Whyyyyyyy Xbox 😐

  • Are you Norwegian?

  • Thank you for the video. It inspires me to make one for my PlayStation and 1 up it with some charging ports.

  • Your ear ring things are like personal pan pizzas

  • Now I know that the controler needs to be recharge once in a while. I would have put the cable from the controller trough it so the battery would recharge and have an awesome place to keep them

  • nice wanted a newer diy, thread banger was getting old

  • @ 6:41 whats the name of that song?

  • Looks great, but I feel like you had a perfect opportunity to route some USB cables through it so it could charge while it was sitting on this. A couple of 90 degree cables and it wouldn't even be a thing.

  • Lol subscribe to save your souls

  • SgtGoSgtGo

    Author Reply

    This is way more DIY than most DIY channels that use a whole cast of different tools and saws etc. The fact that you're not a wood worker makes this all way more interesting!

  • 10:22 just heat them after pouring

  • Hi friend,we are excited with your video, really nice, would like to invite you to test our products, if you are interested, please let us know. @oivogames on Instagram

  • cool thanks!

  • As Bob Ross would say, no such things as mistakes. Only happy little accidents. I think the epoxy cracking was a good thing and I like the added character after you fixed it. Gives me an idea for something else.

  • i love you lol

  • That Vers insane i Like That

  • you should put a charging port in where it rest at

  • that was a great sponsor ad xD and you did a great job with the soldering WOW!!

  • Should have used 2 acrylic pegs to hold the controllers up instead of the blocks. Drill them in and allow the light to radiate out of the pegs.

  • they really didn't have to do a stop-motion animation for that but they did! I don't know why I had to comment on that but I did!

  • Cat

  • You should invest in a small table saw, then you could make perfect angled cuts.

  • AJAJ

    Author Reply

    The way you solder is strange but u like it

  • приает из россии?..

  • Nice Job. One thing surprised me… why didn't you add option to charge the controller while its sitting there?

  • лучше не снимай ни чего!

  • they would have all been the same size if you cut on the outside of the line then measured you’re next piece after you made the cut because of the thickness of the blade

  • BILTEMA !!!!!!!!!!!

  • love this channel beautiful Scandinavian woman using power tools don,t get much better than this

  • Someone pointed me to this video and asked that I make them one of these for their kid. I thought it was cool so I started the project before I got their deposit and of course they ghosted on me. Since I have no need for a game controller, I turned it into a really cool wireless charger stand for my cell phone complete with color LED's and epoxy pour.