Making of Dice Poker – From Witcher 2

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Hey Bros, I hope you like this long video 😛 I really could’t make it shorter. I expected this to be simple but those dices didn’t went as I planed but luckily Karlo saved me with 3D printed dices because I was really tired and frustrated and I almost went with the normal dices, but it would suck if I did. Looks like my OCD helped this time XD I can’t wait to hear your opinions and thoughts about the build and video 🙂

Also big thanks to Mihael for beating me in poker, to my brother for advices and help with the build and to my father for hammering action on the dices 😀

Your Epic Workshop

Rules for Dice Poker if you want to beat your friends 🙂 Have Fun !

Nothing – Player with Highest dice number wins
Pair – Two dice showing the same value.
Two Pairs – Two pairs of dice, each showing the same value.
Three-of-a-Kind – Three dice showing the same value.
Five High Straight – Dice showing values from 1 to 5.
Six High Straight – Dice showing values from 2 to 6.
Full House – Pair of one value and Three-of-a-Kind of another.
Four-of-a-Kind – Four dice showing the same value.
Five-of-a-Kind – All five dice showing the same value.

P.S. You have to beat other opponents before playing with me! X’D

▶ Music:

Intro song: Witcher 2: Into the Fields

Witcher 2: Dwarven Stone Upon Dwarven Stone

Witcher 2: A Tavern on the Riverbank

Witcher 2: Flotsam at Sunrise

Witcher 2: A Nearly Peaceful Place

Witcher 2: A Watering Hole in the Harbor

Witcher 2: Dice Poker Theme

Witcher 1: Dice Poker Theme

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  • The incredible Lockhearth would aprove.

  • your work is great, congrats!!

  • that was cool how that bloke helped you with dice, but that sound the dice made when hitting the board Mmmmmmmmmmm.

  • I wouldn't mind buying a set myself if you made it

  • Oh look they even re-created how the dice just fly off the board if the hit even the slightest edge.

  • This is so dope!

  • This looks amazing! Is there any way I could get the 3d pattern for the dices from you??

  • Truely epic!
    I just love your attention to detail!
    Every little thing is 100 procent flawless and made perfect, and if its not, you just dont use it, or you go another way, untill it is perfect!
    You Are so talented, gifted and skillfull and I just love everything you make, from the smallest to the biggest projekt!
    Stay Epic!
    P. S. The music is great too, as always!

    This best sound…

  • Hey guys, where can I get suitable "pattern" for dice poker, not only this one, just ready for print (high detailed and 90 degrees pictures). I dont know, the right name of those pictures and I cannot find them. Thanks

  • I was already impressed with the box, then he started doing the ornaments! 🙀👍🏻

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  • What's the proper name of that dovetail cut guiding tool?

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  • Do you either have the 3d files for the dice available or good reference photos so I can model them myself? Awesome build, by the way!

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 ☝💪

  • Such a cool project! You are a craftsman, my friend and props to Karlo for printing the dice. Very nice. I have a simple jig I used at the 1:35 mark of this video that would be helpful to you for sanding rings like you did at the 7:28 mark of your video.

  • ελληνας?

  • IgorIgor

    Author Reply

    Amazing craftsmanship!

  • I love this video it's great!!!!


    Author Reply

    Nice Job! Witcher yeah!😀

  • On a scale of 1 to Amazing, I'll rate this a full Holy Goddamn Shit! You knocked that one out of the park!

  • Yep, truly an epic workshop. I wish the one I work in would be this amazing, we just make doors. Still, a lot of the machines you're using (specially the vertical saw and the table saw) are very similar to the ones we have there. Stay epic, guys.

  • LelkLelk

    Author Reply

    Better then gwent