Mermaid and Merking | Dragon Quest 11 Game | Michelle and Kai Side Quest

In Dragon Quest 11 RPG Game we meet with Michelle and Kainui who are in trouble as they are being attacked by Merking . Erik and Jade come to the rescue . Michelle thanks everyone . This is part of the Dragon Quest XI Game on ps4 pro .
Dragon Quest XI is an Anime RPG in Cartoon Style developed and published by Square Enix . Dragon Quest XI is Turn-Based and continues the gameplay of previous games in the series, in which players explore worlds and fight against various monsters, including the ability to explore high areas. The game is set in the fantasy world of Erdrea where it’s said that The Great Tree of Life was the source for all life in it .

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  • Does it change at all if you lie to her back then?

  • I choose to lie to Michelle. I didn't want to but as Jade said 'You have to live with hope. Even if it's just an illusion.'

  • Wait… I decided to tell the Truth to Michelle… and got the SAD ENDING…

    I also watched the Lie version and saw the Happily Waiting ENDING…

    Going off the dialogue in this scene, it was based off the SAD Ending right?


    Does that mean that Michelle didn’t really die? Was it all a dream? Was she reincarnated?

    Idk because I just barely finished part of the mermaid and still have yet to use the Harp… but the story… I want to know more!

  • Why they changed our answer to Michelle , i'm not sure lying to her is right thing do since it's a cruelty to make her wait forever for someone who already dead

  • Hey hippo the most funniest thing happen today you upload when I was in class again lol

  • Those fish people are sure evil. 🐠

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    Meervalous! Yo hippo will you be playing Rdr2?